Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Trumpening...


I honestly think that Trump jumped into the very crowded GOP race for the nomination thinking, "hey, this is a month or two's worth of free advertising. I can't possibly hurt my brand any more than I already have; why not benefit from some free press?" He figured he'd drop a few bombs, say a few outrageous things, then drop out when it became apparent he had no f**king clue what he was doing.

Then he started doing well in the polls.

I wonder if he saw his stock starting to rise, thought to himself, "S**t. Now what? I've been in this about as long as I thought I'd last and I keep doing better. Better ratchet up the stupid crap, drop more outlandish bombs, and get drummed out so I can get back to doing whatever it is I actually do that makes me a billionaire."

And he *kept* doing well.

No matter how outlandish he gets, no matter what stupid drivel comes out of his mouth, the people appear to be eating it up. He yells at reporters, has people escorted out of his press conferences, tells people (essentially) to get bent, and has issue perfect non-answer politician-speak when confronted about the actual issues. He has expended the greatest amount of words to say exactly nothing in a generation.

And he's winning primaries.

I honestly can't explain it. I mean, I get that the pool isn't exactly brimming with likable, talented politicians. I think you could probably distill all of them and *maybe* get half a decent pol (if such a critter exists). Cruz is the least detestable of the bunch, but he keeps going all GOD BOY and will be easy for the left to destroy - simply toss out some ZOMG ABORTION or GAY MARRIAGE shiny and watch him froth. Rubio? I honestly can't tell what distinguishes Rubio from, well, any other GOP politician since Bush Sr.  - naturally I figured he'd get the nod.

And it's not that Trump is bucking the establishment, either - hell, he *is* the establishment. Guy's been holed up in uber-liberal NY donating to every Dem that puts their hand out; it defies credibility to think this guy isn't neck-deep in the same good old boy/business-as-usual BS that has helped us get further into this mess as we progress. And yes, Bush helped, as did Obama. "Too big to fail", bailouts, etc. If you think for one second that President Trump wouldn't reward cronies and punish adversaries, well, I'll see if I can stop the turnip truck so you can get back on.

What scares me, what really scares me, is that I can't tell which would be worse: President Clinton, or President Trump. Whoever gets the "W" does get to pick at least one US Supreme Court Justice, and I have to believe that Trump would pick someone better than Clinton. Especially since Clinton has already praised Obama as a possibility. If more Justices need replacing, though, it becomes even more critical that "NotHillary" be the winner in November.

Except for one thing: Gridlock. Hillary! gets the win, the GOP maintains its hold on the House and Senate and we (hopefully) spend the next four years heaving blame and not doing much else. Trump wins, and he's got two years to really f**k things up before the country tosses the GOP out in favor of the other party. Handing the House and Senate over to the Dems in time for a 2020 drubbing is a recipe for disaster.

Really, I'm rooting for an asteroid and/or alien invasion/zombie outbreak at this point...

That is all.


Montana said...

I'm not the least bit interested in any politician. I want someone who wants to go do a good job for a few years and then return to whatever job they had before. I think a lot of people feel that way. Trump isn't my pick, but I understand the appeal. People are sick to death of political welfare class. People that have built their whole lives around taking a government salary and telling other people how to live.

Mark Matis said...

Guess I'll post this here as well:

The steaming turds are all floating about the top of the bowl, and they will continue to do so right up until the toilet is flushed. There is only ONE candidate who might have the courage to pull that handle.

Trump is not the Messiah. He is human, with all his own faults and foibles. He does, however, believe in Western Culture, and in the United States. That also makes him unique among the candidates for this election. He will not be able to fix all the problems in one term, nor even in two. It has taken decades to put us down where we are. But he CAN start to turn things around. One can only hope he does not make the same mistake as Reagan, however, whose biggest failing was anointing Shrub I as his successor, even though that filthy lying POS had not changed from the One World Government maggot that he was when he ran against Reagan in 1980. This country has gone downhill ever since.

To me, when the Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, Merkel, Hollande, Draghi, Cameron, Post Turtle, Mittens, and Lyin' Ryan are screeching against you, you must be doing something right. That, in and of itself, is all I need to know that Trump towers head and shoulders above anyone else in the contest.

Ratus said...

So you're firmly in the SMOD/Cthulhu 2016 Jay?

Want a bumper sticker?

B said...

Yellowstone eruption.

and Barry would never be nominated 'cause he'd never make it past the Senate. He's never been an attorney OR a judge. Hillary wouldn't waste capital on him. She'll appoint another 'Wise Latina" first.

Comrade Misfit said...

I agree. From Trump's perspective, he's also faced with the likelihood that, as a "brand", Trump's campaign has gone from a nice bit of self-promotion into a kamikaze mission. His name will be toxic to a significant percentage of the population.

Ted said...

I don’t think this was ever about self-promotion or “ improving the TRUMP Brand” .

No, I think he has always had in mind a serious campaign. He sent up some trail balloons in the 2008 and 2012 seasons and backed away when he learned what to expect. He’s proved all he wanted to in his business and I think was starting to get a little bored with all. Now he’s reached a point where he knows that his daughter is fully capable of running his empire and is comfortable with that. ( and his two sons will submit to her lead. Don and Eric are completely under her control ) he can make a solid run for President. Hes built a solid team of experienced people and basically has an unlimited political war chest ….. and with all the free publicity he’s way under budget!!!!! He’s been lining this up for years.

…. And remember that if elected, he has to relinquish control of Trump Enterprises ….. and 4 years ago Ivanka was not yet ready. She is now.

The Donald was never a real full-fledged member of New York / Washington Elite. He didn’t go to an Ivy League school ( and his short time at Warton doesn’t count ). He’s from Brooklyn … not Manhattan. Plus his “Gold Plated everything” is looked at as confirmation that he has no real “Class’. It way to much “New Money”.

Becoming President is his way of getting one up on that group that he views as having always looked down on him . ( but it still won’t make a difference -- )

Plus I think he really believes he can actually move the country back to a Reagan type direction.

...... and just maybe he can.

Mark Matis said...

And indeed he CAN, Ted.

When Lynch decides not to indict, the evidence doesn't disappear. She cannot be pardoned until AFTER she is tried and convicted. That will all be sitting there when Trump takes office. The REST of the GOP would not touch it. Trump may. If he does, the evidence is overwhelming. Then the question becomes whether she is willing to take the fall by herself - remember, at this point a HNWIC pardon is no longer available - or provides the details on EVERYTHING ELSE that went on in this Administration while she was in office. Anyone wanna make a bet on which path she would choose???

Jim said...

Mark Matis,

Point of order, amigo. Ford pardoned Nixon before any trial or conviction. That said, Nixon's acceptance of said pardon included an admission of culpability, in order for it to have effect.

The Hildebeest need not be indicted, tried or convicted...all she has to do is sign a properly formatted Ozero pardon, and she's off the hook to fly away on her guilt-ridden broom.

I hope that all happens, as it'll still leave one hell of a mark against her and the whole Ozero enterprise. They'll have scores in the recordbooks to be sure, but that asterisk will be there forever.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Mark Matis said...

I stand corrected, Jim. Sorry.

Phelps said...

I think Trump got into it to spoil it for Jeb! and nothing more, but he's not a guy who leaves and opportunity on the table.

I'm at the point that I don't care what a politician says he "believes" because none of that seems to survive the election. I just want to know what style he's going to bring, and what he needs to say to get elected (because he needs to follow up on that to get reelected -- and the primarying of Republicans that has happened lately has reinforced that.)

For Trump, what he needs to do is clear, and it's not walls and Muslims and this and that -- it's driving job creation. Government jobs aren't real jobs, and he knows that the quickest way to drive job creation is to get out of the way and reduce the regulatory burden.

That's why, even though I am a Cruz guy, I'm satisfied to abide a Trump administration.

wolfwalker said...

There's something about Trump that startled me when I learned it: at least according to wikipedia, he was a strong backer of the Reform Party 20 years ago, before Buchanan hijacked and ruined it. A Trump who is a life-long Democrat would probably be no better than the Hildebeast, but a Trump who supported the original Reform Party and still retains some of that thinking .... well, just maybe there's a slender strand of hope there after all.

Only a slender strand, you understand. Mostly I expect him to continue being a jerk, at least in public. And I expect him to lose the general election badly. And if he wins, I expect him to be a disaster. But hope is not rational...

Old NFO said...

It's about how fed up John Q Pub is with the 'elites' in DC... THAT is what is fueling it... Still, better him than Kildabeast...

Mr Evilwrench said...

Go back and study Ross Perot. He got in it because he hated the reptiles and gave us hillbilly in the first place, but look how he did it. He made the noises to get the reptile base excited, and drew their votes away from Bush41 and Dole, not that either of those were exemplary, but our whole landscape would be different now. Slick Willie got only 43% in 92. As long as Trump doesn't have a tantrum and go third party, we'll be a lot better off than with no or hell no in the White House. I can't say he'll bring us steak and champagne, but beer and chips would be nice, and I know damn good and well that hitlery will be at least 100% unacceptable.

Ted said...

My fear is that the Stupid party will shoot themselves in the foot, both hands and the gut by not nominating TRUMP and instead try to go with Ryan. The result will be Ross Perot in reverse.

The evil party and the beast at 44% Ryan with 12% and the new TRUMP Party with 44% with the whole mess back to the Supremes with a 4 4 Tie ...... That's when fans will get dirty.

.... or maybe they'll go back to JEB! ..... and only get 6%

EMS Artifact said...

I agree with Ted and OldNFO. I was one of the folks who thought that Trump was in it for the publicity and would soon drop out. Which just shows you what I know and how much attention you should pay to my opinion.

A lot of people are just fed up with both parties and their "standard bearers". None of the Republican usual suspects did well this time around. Cruz has come closest, but not one woman I know, including Mrs. EMS Artifact, likes him. They all like Trump much more than Shrillary.

The political commentaria can't explain it, either.

It's the strangest election season I've ever witnessed.

Mark Matis said...

Let me sneak back in with the Hillary indictment thing once more. We have been focusing on the e-mails, because that is at the top of the stack of her crimes. But there are MANY more out there that she committed while SoS. Fast and Furious, for example, was primarily violations of International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). And ITAR belongs to State. Do you REALLY think that Holder was running all those weapons WITHOUT her express approval? Especially since we know that State employees in Mexico were told to NOT discuss the program with their Mexican counterparts?

Yeah, Obama could pardon her. But the wording would have to be special:
"Hillary Clinton is hereby pardoned for any and all crimes committed up to this date, regardless of jurisdiction or location or..."

ow that would truly be entertaining...