Thursday, September 10, 2015

Into The Woods...

So, this Labor Day weekend, I got back to my camping roots. When I was a young buck, once or twice a summer all the guys would get together and go camping. Of course, when I say "camping," what I really mean is "drinking a *LOT* of beer in the woods while subsisting entirely on bacon and hot dogs."

Which, for the record, is *not* what I did this past weekend...

There's the campsite in a nutshell. Or, perhaps as I alluded on Facebook, a Coleman gear commercial - there's two Coleman tents, a Coleman canopy, Coleman stove, numerous Coleman lanterns (gas, propane and battery-powered) and (not pictured) two Coleman sleeping bags. Yeah, I might be a fan. I've been using Coleman products for well over 20 years, and some of those are relics inherited from my parents.

That still work just fine today.

Now, I've been camping with TheBoy and Cub/Boy Scouts for years. We've gone on a few father/son trips for the weekend, and each time we've had a great time. This Labor Day, though, we brought the girls along. The Mrs. isn't much for tent camping - hence why we had the travel trailer for as long as we did, and the pop-up camper before it - but she gave it the old college try and off we went.

So, the weekend was spent reading books, throwing a frisbee or football around, playing card games, and generally just relaxing. The campground had a pool, which was nice, but not a lot of other amenities like bike trails or hiking trails, so the next trip will include more activities to partake (we're thinking kayaking or canoeing would be fun). We also need to pare down the gear if we're going to get back into camping - one of the downsides of having a full-size pickup and a 26-foot camper is we had LOTS of room to store stuff, so we never got around to consolidating and updating gear.

But everyone's on board for another trip next year, so I consider that a solid win!

That is all.


Chris in TX said...

That looks like a VERY nice camp setup ya'll have there. Perfect for 4 people. Also (and I say this as someone who has worked in park for about a decade) it looks very clean! Thank you for that!

I went up a pickup size when I got married and started adding the wife's bike and telescope(s) to our regular camping outfit. As it is now, we've managed to pare down our gear to the point that it all fits in the 4-door cab (hiking stuff, cooking stuff, food when there's not a Bear Box at the site, and telescopes/guns) and bed (camping gear, clothes, chairs, water, bicycle, spare fuel, other misc items) with a little room to spare. It's nice to be able keep all our crap in a few giant tupperware bins, throw it in the back and go.

I still have the issue of the camping gear somehow growing in size as the trip goes on; the truck always seems way more full coming home than it did when we left.

0007 said...

As I like to tell all my campy friends, my idea of roughing it is having to stay at the Hilton because the Crown-Plaza is full... heh, heh, heh

RabidAlien said...

A weekend spent camping is NEVER a weekend wasted.

Anonymous said...

Get a roof rack or a small box trailer and you will still be good to go.