Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Wish I Could Say This Surprised Me...

Wow. Just... Wow.

Obama nominates ex-MBTA boss Beverly Scott to NTSB
The former head of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Beverly Scott has been nominated by President Obama for a position with the National Transportation Safety Board.

Scott resigned her position as general manager at the MBTA in February after record-setting snowfall resulted in widespread, long-term delays and cancellations across the aging system.
Hmm. Beverly Scott. Why does that name sound familiar? Oh, that's right. I've covered her "performance" before.

Folks, let's get one thing perfectly straight. Massachusetts is 90% controlled by Democrats. That a double minority would resign from a public job means one of two things: Either she was so grossly incompetent that her complete and utter lack of ability was going to get a bunch of people killed, or she was robbing the place blind and left a trail. No one leaves the public sector voluntarily.

Especially with perks like this:
During her tenure at the MBTA, Scott spent 106 days traveling out of state while at the helm of the MBTA, taking 30 trips in 24 months.
Thirty trips in two years. 15 trips a year. More than one a month. As head of the MBTA. We can only assume that her trips were to other large cities to study how they handled emergencies, large events and crowds in their public transportation, right?

Seriously, stop laughing. It's undignified.

But she's moving up to the national level, now, thanks to our glorious excuse of a President. A woman so horrifically incompetent she was forced to resign in Massachusetts is somehow qualified to weigh in on national transportation issues. This is like someone fired from a hospital for gross incompetence getting nominated for Surgeon General. Think about this: SHe couldn't hack it (pun intended) in Massachusetts - where, I remind you, the past three Speakers of the House have gone to jail and the former governor was embezzling money.

I'll bet Barack doesn't call her "Sweetie", though.

That is all.

That is all.


ProudHillbilly said...

I must say - watching MA is as entertaining as watching DC when "mayor for life" Marion was around.

ProudHillbilly said...

I must say - watching MA is as entertaining as watching DC when "mayor for life" Marion was around.

Ted said...

well it will certainly be entertaining when the next air disaster happens and she immediately blames a drone flown by a "rich white kid" for a airplane that blows up at 30,000 ft with a bunch of people from the "religion of peace ". On the passenger list.

Anonymous said...

Just watch the Republicrats will vote for her. We would not want to deny the president his choice now would we?

Old NFO said...

ygtbsm!!! Again with a totally unqualified person? Gah...

Anonymous said...

From what I've read at grouchy old cripple's blog, MARTA has been ineptly run since it was created. So Obama is nominating someone who has failed twice to manage a city's subways and buses to manage a national agency tasked with keeping airliners and freight trains full of chemicals safe. A fine example of ineptocracy in action.


Stretch said...

Nice airline you have.
Hate to have to write up EVERYTHING.
BTW, have you donated to the Obama Library?

Ed said...

I would make a comment about the Peter Principle, but it appears that she has already demonstrated her levels of incompetence and political loyalty while being a black female Democrat. On the other hand, perhaps the new Federal job requires frequent travel and denial of reality, and she has demonstrated the ability to do that. By the time her unique set of abilities for the job are found to be lacking, then a new administration will in place and she will be replaced.