Monday, July 13, 2015

So, This Happened...

Brad_in_MA sends in a story from my old hometown...

Bomb Squad detonates old railway construction explosives
Groveland Police Chief Robert J. Kirmelewicz reports that the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad successfully detonated several explosives discovered in a Groveland home today.

Early this morning, a woman from a residence on Garrison Street called police at approximately 9 a.m. to report that she located a box with old dynamite inside. Groveland Police responded and confirmed the contents without touching or disturbing the box.
This was, literally, right down the street from where I used to live. My former town had a big dose of excitement last week - apparently, someone came across a box of old stuff that they thought might be explosives, so they did the prudent thing and called the local police. The locals turned to the state cops, who sent a bomb squad guy, who confirmed that the items in question were not explosives.

I really don't fault anyone up until this point. What I do have to wonder about, though, was this:
They determined the items consisted of an old railroad flare and audible warning devices that sounded when trains were approaching. While the items were not high explosives, Police decided that safely detonating the items was the best course of action.
A flare and some warning devices warranted detonation for removal? I dunno; I guess with the age of everything involved (50 - 70 years old or possibly older, from folks in the know in town), maybe they were working on the premise of "better safe than sorry."  Part of me can't help wonder if this wasn't a case of "well, we have all this shiny equipment here *anyways*, so..." I guess there are worse ways to squander tax dollars...

Although, he writes with a sly grin, they aren't *my* tax dollars any more...

That is all.


IRISH said...

Good evening Oh Blogfather :)

I think the woman that reported this watched waaay too many cartoons
of ACME exposives back in the day. The amount of involvement of
police and fire must have been expensive for sure.

Here is the video..

I think they were all enjoying playing with their toys since it's
normally a quiet town.

Hope all is well!!

Old NFO said...

LOL, yep gotta 'document' the use of the equipment... If it'd been dynamite, they'd probably have blown in it place, because it would probably have exploded if it moved...

Chris in TX said...

"While the items were not high explosives, Police decided that safely detonating the items was the MOST AWESOME course of action."


I'm all for the .gov using my tax dollars to blow some shit up every now and again, so long as I can get good seats for the event.