Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Guilty Pleasure...

So, for the past year or so, I've had a guilty pleasure.

Game of Thrones

I'm not much for TV; in fact, I've missed most of the popular TV shows for the past, well, at least 15 years. Survivor, American Idol, etc. have all passed me by with nary a passing thought. I'd managed to avoid GoT through the third season, but last year got pulled in mainly so I could partake in the water cooler discussion.

I watched the fourth season as it happened, then spent the summer watching Seasons 1 through 3, as well.

It is surprisingly well-written (well, screenplay adapted; I haven't read the George R.R. Martin books, but the Mrs. has and assures they've transcribed things more or less properly (at least through Season Four, they've had to take some liberties with recent storylines). The acting is excellent, too - and there's not a "star" in the bunch. Sure, there's a bunch of "hey, I've seen him/her before" folks, but no one "name brand" actor or actress in the group (okay, maybe Diana Rigg).

The characters are wonderfully complex; even the most jaded, cynical character has a redeeming quality or two. There are no good characters, only ones that are less bad and don't actively go out of their way to kill others or screw them over. And everyone - kings, queens, good, bad, indifferent - gets killed, most often in a violent, unexpected manner.

What's not to like?

That is all.


fast richard said...

I don't even have a TV hooked up to anything but a DVD player, but I got hooked on that show last year when someone lent me the first season DVDs. There are more villains than sympathetic characters, but the many bad people are complex enough to be interesting. They were very fortunate in finding talented child actors who have proven capable of carrying increasingly mature roles as the series has progressed.

Old NFO said...

Still haven't seen one show... :-)

Formynder said...

The more villains than heroes thing exists because GRRM detested the cheery fantasy worlds of Terry Brooks and other authors of the time period, and wanted a more realistic medieval depiction, where armies and anyone with power took what they wanted because they could.

Anonymous said...

Zombie army is a bit much for me, seems kind of hokey but it is an easy way to create a really scary enemy to force others to unite. Otherwise, great show.

wolfwalker said...

"...a more realistic medieval depiction, where armies and anyone with power took what they wanted because they could."

Entirely like modern-day liberal America, in other words, where the scum rises to the top, and trying to live virtuously marks you as a sucker who will wind up ruined, penniless and dead.

Sorry, that's not what I would call "entertaining."