Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Very Cool Gear...

Man, I don't know why I haven't put this up sooner...

The guys over at Magpul have just been crushing it out of the park lately. From a 60-round AR-15 magazine to a new 10/22 stock, they're expanding their product line far beyond the standard AR-15 furniture and 30-round magazines. There's a modular stock for the Remington 700, as well as box mags for 700s so equipped.

Lost in the flurry of new gear, though, was this:

Magpul Zhukov-S Folding AK-47 Stock

It's a folding, adjustable stock for the AK-47 series of rifles. If your AK came from Romanian, Yugoslavia, or even a pile of parts like mine did, you can swap out the ergonomic-as-a-2X4 commie stock for something *functional*. Even the folding stocks left something to be desired, though, coming in the ungainly and stamped-metal underfolder variant, mostly. And adjustable? I guess with a bench grinder...

Now there's a better option available, in a multitude of colors. The stock has five positions and is set up to accept an optional QD sling mount. Matching pistol grips and handguards are also available, and I'll be putting together a web piece for the work site on how hard it is to swap stuff out (hint: It's not hard at all. Heck, *I* can do it) and with before and after shots. So stay tuned for more gunnie goodness, of a variety.

Is AK-47! Is good rifle!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Heck, *I* can do it

Considering who the intended users of the AK platform are, I wouldn't expect anything different.

"Ergonomic a a 2x4." HAW! I'll remember that one.

Chris in TX said...

This looks MILES better than the Polish wire coathanger stock I've got on the WASR at the moment. It folds away nicely, but holy crap is that thing uncomfortable to shoot!