Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Trying to Keep Up...

So, it was the organizer's fault for the shooting in Garland, TX? Is that really the message you want to convey?

She provoked the two men into attacking? Really? Leaving aside the soft racism of "those poor savages can't help themselves," isn't this a variation on the "if she didn't want to attract attention, she shouldn't have worn a low-cut shirt"?

She held an event centered around cartoons, for crying out loud. If your religion is so tenuous that you have to threaten deadly violence upon people for drawing a goddamn picture, maybe you need to rethink your tenets.

Christians didn't shoot anyone over The Last Temptation of Christ.

Or Piss Christ, for that matter.

"The Holy Virgin Mary"

Heck, Sinead O'Connor.

Now, there's a good deal of violence perpetrated over the subject of abortion, I'll grant, and while I vehemently disagree with it, at least there's an action at the root of it, not a cartoon.

Of course, we've also got Chris Cuomo claiming that the Constitution has a "hate speech exemption" in it, so at least there's some consistency. They at least hate the first amendment as much as the second, and have about the same grasp of Constitutionality on both. 
  • The Second Amendment is not about hunting. Nor does it apply only to muskets. Or state militias.
  •  The First Amendment doesn't just protect "love speech." It protects speech we find distasteful, or obscene, or provocative.
Those old white European dudes knew what they were doing, unlike, it appears, most of what passes for educated folks these days...

That is all.


Ted said...

It's hard to keep up when the rules and the targets keep changing,

Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan and all of those protesters. ....... Or all those " walkers for peace ". I used to see every morning.

Be careful what you wish for. This year's hate speech will be next year's "peaceful protests speaking truth to power....."

But by then it will be time to move the goal posts back to where they were before

Stretch said...

If he weren't already Mario Cuomo would die of embarrassment from his son's remarks.
It's pretty clear that son Chris is NOT the result of a Jesuit education as was his father.

Armed Texan said...

Now, there's a good deal of violence perpetrated over the subject of abortion

Citation needed. The last violent act conducted as ostensibly anti-abortion was the killing of George Tiller which was roundly and vociferously condemned by the pro-life community. Before that, there was what? Eric Rudolph back in the 90s?

I'm not denying that there are nuts on my side of the aisle, but when they go off the reservation, we a) condemn them and b) didn't encourage them in the first place. Beyond that, the active, dangerous right wingnuts are almost as rare as hens teeth.

Glenn B said...

Well written.

ProudHillbilly said...

+1 Armed Texan. You drank the kool-aid on that one, Jay. The same people who are feeding you globull worming are feeding are feeding you the violent pro-lifers line.