Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Car Pr0n #78

In keeping with the rest of the numerical series, here's a car that was introduced in 1978:

1979 Toyota Celica Supra. The Supra package was rolled out in 1978, so it was first available in 1979 model cars. It started life as an option package on the Celica, but became a separate model in 1986. The Celica was changed to a front wheel drive 4-cylinder configuration, and the Supra retained the rear wheel drive, inline 6-cylinder set up. 16 more years would elapse until the Supra was eventually discontinued in 2002.

 Numerous concept cars have been suggested as potential bearers of the Supra mantle, including a 400 horsepower, hybrid-power 3.5L V6 based on the 2007 FTHS:

but it may also be the FT-1 concept car that eventually calls itself the Supra. Time will tell, but it would be nice to have a rear-drive Toyota with some ties to the Supra back in the line-up. Toyota doesn't even have a coupe any more, let alone anything sporty.

You can only coast on the success of the Prius for so long, guys...

That is all.


Lupis42 said...

Toyota doesn't even have a coupe any more, let alone anything sporty.
Ahem. The GT86*
(Sold in the US as the Scion FRS) would like to have words with you about

lordjim said...

Ditto to Lupis42.

Warning: Video autoplays but it's Clarkson so it's not so bad.

Old NFO said...

It's not BADGED as a Toyota... And I really don't even remember that particular Toyota...LOL

Formynder said...

Scion is the younger, sportier version of Toyota designed for the crowd of kids who like to customize, their cars are easier to modify with more support through Toyota. The FRS is relatively new, within the last couple of years or so, I believe.

Mike W. said...

I'm a big fan of the AW11 & SW20 MR2's, JZA70 & JZA80 Supras, provided you get that headgasket blowing 7M-GTE out of the JZA70's.

But man, now the FRS is pretty much the only reasonably sporty car Toyota kinda makes.