Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Wonder...

First it was Ferguson and Michael Brown.

Then NYC and Eric Garner.

Now it's Baltimore and Freddie Gray.

Racial tensions are inflamed as people clash with police. In each case, claims of racism and disproportionate use of force when dealing with black suspects abound. In the Michael Brown case, even a Federal review found the police officer to have acted appropriately; yet we still hear the (complete fabrication) of "Hands up, don't shoot."

Are some of these claims legitimate? Almost certainly. I'd be astounded if there wasn't a hint of prejudice and profiling behind some of the incidents. Maybe not the ones we're hearing about, but there have been enough legit cases - like the SC police officer who shot a suspect in the back and is now facing murder charges - to support at least skepticism.

I have to wonder, though. I wonder how many who are standing with the protestors also claim that "only the police should have guns" or that police should be exempt from gun laws? How many of these same people claim that police are better trained, the "only ones professional enough" to handle firearms, etc.? I'll bet that Venn diagram overlaps a lot more than they would like to admit.

And on the flip side: How many FOP are *still* going to stand behind gun-grabbers at photo-ops? How many police chiefs are going to throw their support behind politicians grandstanding on these events? I suspect, here, that we won't see any significant shift from the status quo despite the rhetoric being tossed around.

As a supporter of the Second Amendment and the RKBA, I have to shake my head in disbelief. For years we have decried states - like Massachusetts - where the local police decide who can exercise their 2A rights. We've watched as state after state passed draconian gun bans, "assault weapon" bans, magazine capacity bans, etc. with every single one having a law enforcement exemption. Heck, the Federal ban had an LEO exemption.

And now we're watching many of the same politicians, talking heads, and "community activists" accusing police officers of all kinds of heinous crimes. Murder, assault, battery, racism; for the past year we've watched city after city burn as the media fans the flames of racial division, almost exclusively aimed at the law enforcement community.

These same police officers that for the past 20+ years we've been told are the only ones that should own guns, or have standard capacity magazines, or adjustable stocks; all of a sudden they went from Officer Friendly to persona non grata. It begs the question, does it not, of whether or not the next time gun control is brought up - and it will be - will the police go back to their lofty position of "Only Ones" despite these protests?

That's a rhetorical question, mind you...

That is all.


Glenn B said...

As I recall, there are many police departments and law enforcement agencies, who support the RKBA (and quite a few who support the NRA). Many higher ups in LE, like some sheriffs, have vowed not to enforce what they consider to be unconstitutional gun control laws. So, I would think it prudent not to paint all LE with a wide brush if only because you are slapping many RKBA supporters in the face when doing so.

With all due respect, my friend, I will add his: As for the "the only one" BS, and yes it is BS when used in a context like this, try to remember that was a quote from a DEA agent talking to a group of school kids. I think he was an inept DEA agent (a very inept one at least concerning firearms safety) at that. He was, in my estimation, an idiot. He shot himself after bringing a loaded gun into a childrens classroom to use it as a display. He was also a fool in my opinion for having done all of that. Yes he said he was the only one qualified in that classroom to handle a firearm but in no way shape or form does it appear that he meant that as a statement that only police are so qualified. That he evidently meant it as a safety issue for the children seems obvious to me. Bear in mind, it was the pro-gun folks who made that statement, "the only one" saying, applicable to police in general and to it meaning that the police should be the only ones with firearms. It was not the police who used it as their mantra and most certainly was not the meaning the DEA agent was trying to convey.

Yes, I agree, many police departments are leftist in general and support politicians who illegally usurp gun and other rights. Still though, it is far from all of them and it is counter-productive to make it seems as if it is all of them.

All the best,
Glenn B

.45ACP+P said...

Removing firearms from the populous is the goal. Someone must have guns to enforce the laws. Someone the elite can (and must) control. For now that is the police. If and when enough police wake up to what they are being tasked to do to their fellow citizens, a change is possible. It is hard to use force upon an armed man. If he should object, he is in the position to do something about it.

Old NFO said...

The more interesting part is that Dems 'seem' to be the ones most dead set on gun banning... And when you look at Baltimore, it's now NOT about race per se, but 'downtrodden' neighborhoods and lack of school/jobs... The dems have been in power there since 1967!!! Re 'teh ones' it's also interesting to note that over 50% of BPD is black including most of the hierarchy...