Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Species Has Amused Itself to Death

Sweet suffering baby Jesus. We. Are. Doomed.

Feminist conference says clapping ‘triggers anxiety,’ asks attendees to use ‘jazz hands’ instead
A U.K. student feminism conference is asking attendees to refrain from clapping and use “jazz hands” instead so as to not trigger anxiety in others.

The National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s Campaign announced the clapping “ban” at the West Midlands conference on Twitter Tuesday, shortly after receiving a request from the Oxford University Women’s Campaign.
Look, I totally grok asking folks not to clap at certain junctures. While it's a great morale boost, it's also a great way to interrupt someone, or even just to make someone lose their train of thought in a completely innocuous way. But it triggers anxiety? On what planet?

Seriously, I want to know. What sort of tenuous grip on reality do you have to have to be traumatized by people clapping? Were you involved in a particularly intense round of B-I-N-G-O in kindergarten? Too many rounds of "The Chicken Dance" at weddings? I'm trying like hell to think of an event that would so thoroughly scar someone's fragile psyche that clapping would have to be replaced by jazz hands.

And isn't that misappropriating culture? I mean, jazz was primarily an African-American institution brought about by the plight of the former slave and sharecropper as they emerged from post-Reconstruction America? How dare these evil white oppressors steal yet another thing from the African-American!

You know who I feel bad for? The poor bastards at The Onion. How the bloody hell do you come up with parody after a story like the above? The whole point of parody is that it's somewhat close to reality - if this *had* been a story in The Onion, no one would have laughed, because it's too divorced from anything even vaguely resembling reality.

Then again, I have ceased to be surprised with anything from the Entitlement Generation...

That is all.


Dave H said...

I'd be curious to see how much science is behind the assertion that clapping is an anxiety trigger. My guess is "not much."

I wonder sometimes if some of these kinds of "rules" are created by someone just to see if they can get people to go along with it. "Do it for the children! Don't you love children?" is a great way to browbeat someone into doing something without giving them a chance to think it through.

Makes me wonder if that's how Scientology got started.

Ted said...

as Dave points out, there is a group dynamic component to this.

You cannot readily tell exactly who in your audience is clapping -- or probably more to the point - NOT clapping. If you ask for "Jazz hands" then it becomes much more obvious who is not in agreement. But more importantly, there is more peer pressure to join in the applause if people are asked to show thier hands.

....... And you can't call someone a misoginist if you can't indentify him.

libertyman said...

What on earth are "Jazz Hands"?

Ted said...

Both hands in the air- fingers apart - shaking quickly. See. "All that Jazz" Or for the politically incorrect - The Jazz singer with Al joelson in blackface

Mark Matis said...

I expect, Dave H, that the amount of "science" behind this is probably about the same as the amount of "science" behind AGW...

Anonymous said...

I guess the finger snapping of 1950's beatniks would be to much as well.

They need Chopper Reid as a motivational speaker.


Old NFO said...

Ye Gods and little fishes... sigh

Chris said...

It's silly crap like this that makes me glad that I never let my (now 25 years old) daughter win while growing up. She had to try harder, and damn my eyes if she didn't end up winning at a lot of stuff. Especially Monopoly. Never play against my daughter at Monopoly. Luckiest dice roller I ever saw.