Thursday, March 26, 2015

Remind Me, Again...

Why did we trade five high-level terrorists for this guy?

Bergdahl charged with desertion
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held five years after being captured by the Taliban when he left his remote post in Afghanistan, was charged Wednesday by the Army with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

The misbehavior charge carries a potential life sentence, the Army said in a statement, but legal analysts said it was likely Bergdahl would reach an agreement that would result in a light punishment.
So we gave away - GAVE AWAY - five high-level Taliban terrorists for a guy who abandoned his Army post. I distinctly remember, at the time, that we were told Bergdahl was deathly ill, and that's why the Obama Administration couldn't wait for congressional approval for making the swap. Bergdahl was not sick, was not a captive, and the exchange seems to have served no purpose other than to let terrorists go free.

This is exactly the kind of world-class leadership we've come to expect from this administration.

Contrast, if you will, to the Reagan administration selling arms to the Iranians in exchange for the release of American hostages. That was the worst thing in the world, according to the Democrats, and resulted in a 7 year, 50 million dollar special investigation that resulted in the NSA head going to jail for six months. And these were actual hostages, not people that abandoned their military post.

But then again, you know, dude that was like two years ago, right?

That is all.


Ted said...

Jay are you sure you have that trade right.??

Don't you mean we sent Them One of our Guys who was a deserter and they sent us 5 Of their Leaders?..

Because doing it the other way around makes no sense at All.

Mark Matis said...

Wanna bet there is "undue command influence" during his court martial, but in the opposite direction to that of Marine Commandant Amos who attempted to corrupt courts martial to insure conviction:

The stench is overwhelming. And it not only is throughout this country's "Law Enforcement", but it spews rampant in this country's military "leadership" as well.

Is there NOT EVEN ONE who will honor his very oath of office to the Constitution???

Motor-T said...

Obama was just going to let those Taliban guys go anyway.
We might as well get something in return. Even if that something isn't very good.

PJS said...

Why did we do that? Because the Commander in Chief is a _______ (fill in blank with your choice of epithet).

Anonymous said...

All part of Big O's plan to GIVE GITMO BACK to Fidel. Just watch. Bet he doesn't just want to close the detention area, but the whole shebang. How rude of us to occupy that space....