Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Teenager, Year Two...

Fourteen years ago today (at 10:40 AM, IIRC), my life changed forever. At 7 lbs. 6 oz. my son came into this world and everything that I knew to be true changed. When you become a parent, no one fills you in on all the little ways your life changes. Oh, sure, folks hip you to the big changes. "Get all the sleep you can, now. You won't sleep again for another 18 years." Or, as my boss at the time told me, "Welcome to the parent club. Your membership expires when you do."

You worry when they get sick. You worry when they don't reach development milestones exactly when you think they will (which is always earlier than the books all say, because this is your kid, and dammit, your kid is faster/smarter/better than the "average" child, amirite?) You run along side them as they learn to ride a two wheeler, then you watch them ride away, free and vulnerable.

And now my little boy is in his second year as a teenager. 

Fourteen. I remember being fourteen. It's a funny age. You're somewhere between being a child and being an adult - sometimes in the same day, sometimes in the same hour. You're too young to have a steady job, but you're starting to realize the importance that money has in this world. And scheming new ways of making money - mainly so you have cash in case you ask someone out... Which, given that you are a 14 year old boy, is quite unlikely.

So happy birthday, buddy. I know sometimes I "annoy the crap out of [you]", but it's for two separate reasons. First and foremost, it's my job to keep you on task and doing well. Secondly, I really am pretty much full of crap, and it's a serious subject you'll know. Enjoy this magical time, cherish every second, because before you know it, you'll have a job and house and kids and before you know it, you'll have turned into me.

Happy birthday to my baby boy.

That is all.


Chad said...

My baby boy is 22 and I still worry constantly.

Anonymous said...

If you annoy them! Means your being a Dad!
Mine are 22 and 20...and worry? Heck yeah!
Especially since #1 is 3 plus hours away and looking for a job.
And #2 is 4 almost 5 hours away in college!!

Ricky W. said...

Very cool, Jay. Mine recently turned 15 & I can most certainly relate.

Anonymous said...

10 or 12 more years and you will be granddaddy.

ProudHillbilly said...

The worry doesn't stop until you do. E

Old NFO said...

It never goes away... Ask your dad... :-)