Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Car Pr0n #64

Brad in MA telegraphed this week's car in e-mail to me. He nailed it, long before I had a chance to put it up:

(picture from here, and if you ask me, $20K is practically a *steal* for that car...)

Yes, today's car is none other than the 1964 (and ½) Ford Mustang, the original Pony car. Dad G. had one of these as his first new car, and as a true testament to New England winters, by the early 1970s it had completely rotted out, including the frame. But not before Mom G. caught the engine on fire. No, I don't know. Over 40 years later and she still won't own up to what happened...

I know Dad still thinks about that car from time to time; they drove it down to Florida the first year he had it, and the memories are with him still, some 50 years later. They were on their (belated) honeymoon, having been married in January (two weeks from tomorrow is their 50th) and drove to Florida for a week later in the year.

A new wife, a Mustang convertible, and a road trip to Florida. I gotta say Dad, you're doing this "life" thing right...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

heh. I had one of those also, I think my first car. I bought it around 1976 or so, cheap. yes it was rotted out. holes in the floor type of rot. the rear springs came up through the trunk after a few months, and I had to sell it for parts for about a hundred bucks.
but it was a Mustang! Cool!! Mine!
-mrs doubletrouble

Wraith said...

Congratulations to Mom & Dad G! 50 years is a rare thing these days--may G-d bless and keep them both!

Will said...

Around '79 or so, my then current girlfriend in San Jose had one she wanted to sell. Metallic Blue ragtop, with a six cyl auto. It had some rust issues, being from SF, (her and the car), and she had her eye on a Sunbeam Alpine. The Mustang was probably built in the San Jose Ford plant.
My previous girlfriend wanted the Mustang, so I arranged a meet. They couldn't agree on a price, unfortunately. I stayed out of the negotiations, having somewhat divided loyalties, except for clarifications on mechanical and bodywork issues. It eventually sold for about $1k, IIRC.

I had to bite my tongue later when they separately told me that they couldn't imagine what I could see in the other one. They both liked bikes, and both owned the same model of the 750 Norton Commando. Cleaned up, they could both stop traffic, and they looked totally different :D