Thursday, December 11, 2014

Buddy, The Chicken's Not the Only Thing That's NOT Free Range...

Skidmark sent these in. I had to post it just so y'all could get a good chuckle or two...

Ridicule heaped upon Berkeley rioter complaining about jail food
One of the Berkeley rioters became the target of hilarious mockery after complaining about the the quality of the fare served at the jailhouse.
Here's the meal in question:

Yeah, that's borderline torture, ain't it, bunky? A bologna sandwich, chips, an orange, and a cup of water to drink. You've got protein (bologna), fiber (wheat bread), and fruits - the only thing missing is something from the dairy family. That horrible lunch looks like what a lot of kids took to school back when I was growing up. Yet this doofus - in jail for being part of the riot - thinks this is akin to waterboarding. Hell, that meal is probably too good for school children, at least according to Michelle Obama...

And then there's this:

Berkeley protesters complain their successful #ShutItDown campaign means they have to walk home [photos]
Berkeley, Calif. endured more chaos and mayhem last night as police-brutality protesters were successful at bringing local car and rail traffic to a halt.
Apparently, the protestors shut down highways and train lines by blocking traffic. Without getting too much into how angry I would be if I was unable to get home to my family because a bunch of spoiled rich kids were playing protestor, nor defining just how many I could run over in the Earthf**ker before the tire treads got filled with soylent green and lost traction (lots), this is the kind of "protest" that is going to boil over one of these days, and it's not going to go well for the protestors. They're out there on the train tracks. TRAIN TRACKS. Trains are notorious for not giving a hairy rat's patoot what the color of the skin was on the person they just ran over...

So, yeah. After their big successful protest, which accomplished nothing except pissing people off that had absolutely zero to do with any of the cases they were protesting about, they came smack-dab face to face with actions that have consequences. They turned to get back on the subway trains to get back to their comfy suburban homes only to find that, hey, some dumbass blocked the train tracks and the trains aren't running. Enjoy your walk, @$$hole.

Let me play you "Hearts and Flowers" on the world's smallest violin, doofus.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

The best and brightest minds learn something every day.

1) If you don't like jail food, stay out of jail.


Robert said...

First, my immediate thought on seeing the picture was "Looks like lunch". Followed closely by "Now I'm hungry" and "What spoiled, useless idiots". Having to walk serves 'em right.

Jim said...

A Massachusetts artifact that'd still do you good if faced with such a protest.

The classic pick-em-up-truck mounted snowplow.

At 45 mph.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

FrankC said...

That was a THICK slice of bologna.

Brad_in_MA said...

Thank you for the laugh but if you keep posting stuff like this I'll have you buy me a new android phone.