Monday, November 17, 2014

Two, Two, Two Days Away!

Brad_in_MA reminded me that this coming Wednesday is National Ammo Day.

National Ammo Day, started by former blogger Kim du Toit, will see its fourteenth year on Wednesday. If you've participated every year, that means Ammo Day has been responsible for adding 1,400 rounds of ammunition to your armory. Some of us, naturally, have added more: for a while, back when you could get .22LR, I made a point to get two bulk boxes (> 1,000 rounds) as a matter-of-course for ammo day. I, like Kim, believe that .22LR is a commodity, not a specialized bit of ammunition.

For the uninitiated, the deal is that on November 19th the dutiful gunnie is to go out and purchase at least 100 rounds of ammunition, ideally centerfire ammo but rimfire if money's tight (although these days, with the price of .22LR what it is, that's not as much of an issue any more). Ideally pick up 100 rounds of rifle ammo, or at least defensive pistol ammunition. Something more than plinking or casual range fodder would be great (although, really, anything is better than nothing).

Let the retailers know that we are still here, and add to the armory while you're at it!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

I ordered today... oops... Guess I'll have to order more on Wed.

NotClauswitz said...

OMG Thanks for the reminder!!

NotClauswitz said...

100-rounds of non-stylish .38Spl and 30 of double ought buck...