Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sorry, Just Don't Have It...

Watching my Facebook feed fill up with news out of Missouri, I can't help but feel the same frustration as when I hear the latest SJW complain about a racy shirt on a science geek or crap about "cis-male" anything. The frivolous use of any "ism" - whether it be sexism, ageism, racism, etc. - detracts from legitimate cases.

Complaining about some science geek's hawaiian shirt - making it the center of a news story about an exciting scientific event - takes away from the thousands (probably more) of cases of legitimate sexual harassment that occur throughout the country on a regular basis. Claiming "racism" when a thug charges a cop and gets shot for it detracts from legitimate instances of police overreach, profiling, and overreaction.

Hell, I'll be one of the first to agree that there are plenty of stories about cops being too quick to go to guns. That's a training issue, and everyone would benefit from increased training that lessened the reliance on deadly force and made the application thereof more effective. No one likes stray rounds, not even the most gung-ho officer.

When armored vehicles rumbled through Boston suburbs and cops were pointing machine guns into houses without a single thought for the occupants inside (who, mind you, were ordered to stay inside, so the cops knew folks were in those houses), there were no protests. It's hard to envision a more heavy-handed application of police power than forcing folks to stay in their homes and rolling military-grade weaponry through the streets with no regard for Rule 4, yet no one rioted.

Police can and do make mistakes. We've seen enough no-knock warrants to have ample evidence of that. When they do, they need to be held accountable. When Officer Roid Rage in Ohio can't be fired after threatening to murder a concealed-carry permit holder, there's a problem with oversight. But there were no riots then, either?

When we see images of businesses being put to the torch and consumer electronics and alcohol being stolen under cover or protest, it significantly lowers the give-a-s**t-meter for actual cases of racism and police overreach. My fear is that real, legitimate cases of abuses of power will be pooh-poohed, swept away by the brush these protestors helped create by destroying Ferguson, MO in the wake of this decision.

It's like none of these people ever heard the story of the boy (Gender normalism!) who cried wolf (animal stereotyping!)...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Damn shame that what I expected to happen actually happened.

But, when you have a group of media that heat the situation up (We are hearing from a friend of a freind of the witness that the cop turned mean and green.) and then sometimes then provoke confrontations for footage, then we have a media problem.

It is sad for the Brown family to have lost their child.

The evidence did not show that the officer acted inappropriately.

The grand jury did not have anything to charge him with.

Instead of accepting the wheels of justice grinding on, those who wish to try and convict others based on emotion (and not facts) rioted.


Joseph in IL