Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #56

I think this may very well have been the "Chrysler, it seats about 20" the B-52s sang about in "Love Shack":

1971 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron.

I've always had a soft spot for the luxobarges of the early 1970s through the mid-1980s. A good friend growing up had a 1982 Oldsmobile 98 as his first car, and I can't even begin to describe the unmitigated joy of double-dating in a car with a back seat roughly the size of a NYC studio apartment. I owned an '83 Caddy that sat 6 comfortably - each with their own ashtray, no less.

I like big cars and I cannot lie.

The Imperial was Chrysler's flagship line, and from 1955 through the car's end in the 1970s it was sold as a stand-alone model. It wasn't a Chrysler Imperial, it was the Imperial Crown or LeBaron (a marque that would be revised in the 1980s as something completely different from the luxobarge). The Imperial limousines are some of the most beautiful cars out there, IMHO.

They really don't make cars like this any more, and that's a shame.

That is all.


Hat Trick said...

Not 20 but I once managed to get 13 in my Delta 88 one evening long ago when a bunch of us were sitting around and somebody suggested going to the bowling alley about a mile away.

Wolfman said...

I still have (in storage) the 1967 Chrysler Newport that I drove in high school in the late 90s. My mother's rule was, "No more than 17 people, including the trunk", and I never actually broke it. I still have all four original hubcaps and the rear fender skirts. One of these days...

Douglas2 said...

As a Teen I was contracted to act as chauffeur for a friend's prom-night in his uncle's Imperial, late '60s vintage.

I can only say that it is a fine thing that through-routes are designed with curb-return radii appropriate for school-busses and tractor-trailers, because otherwise I would have been spending far to much time in the oncoming traffic lane. Turning into a driveway was impossible without using the left-lane.