Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #55

There was certainly only one car I could put up today:

1955 Ford Thunderbird.

The T-bird was Ford's response to the Corvette, a small, light two-seater to combat the influx of European cars imported when US soldiers returned from Europe after WWII. It took Ford a couple years to accelerate development of their own little MG-fighter, but an icon was born.

The T-bird's evolution (some would say devolution) was amazing. For three years it stayed true to concept, a two-seater sports car. In 1958 Ford gave it a back seat, giving rise to the "Big Bird" designation. In the 1960s, with the Mustang now ruling as Ford's fast "pony" car, the T-bird starting bloating, to the 1970s when it achieved true land yacht status and shared the Lincoln Mark IV platform. It was downsized in the 1980s, but never regained the luster it once had.

In 2005, Ford finally "took the T-bird away" for good, ending 50 years of the thunderchicken...

That is all.


libertyman said...

I thought the new incarnation of it would be a success, and obviously I was wrong. They should have made it more of a sports car the last time, I guess. Nice cruisers though.

Will said...

In the early 70's, I helped a guy finish an engine refurb in one of those tri-five T-birds. I don't recall what year. He offered it to me for what he had in it, which was around $900. He was closing his business, T-Boyd Products, that specialized in reproduction body parts for those cars. I think the demand for parts had dropped to the point that it wasn't a viable business any longer, since he didn't sell it, IIRC.
He was retiring to FL.

Not sure if that was his only business, since around that time, he paid $20k for his daughter's wedding. That marriage lasted less than a year, I think. This was in Wildwood, NJ.

Didn't get the car. Couldn't get the money together in time. Wasn't able to sell my '65 Mustang quick enough.