Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Weighty Matter

So, folks that know me on the Book of Faces saw my tribulations this past weekend. I was overdue for some re-organization on the ammo front, having accumulated enough .223 Rem. that I needed to upsize the storage box. I have a bit of an OCD problem, and keep ammo separated by caliber in different storage containers.

What? It helps keep it organized!

So, basically, I have eight 5-gallon totes and four 10-gallon totes for ammo. Calibers are sorted accordingly, with several "miscellaneous" ammo cans for the more obscure calibers (8mm, 30-30, etc.). All "main" calibers have their own tote, with the more-popular calibers (9mm, .45 ACP, etc.) in the 10-gallon buckets.

I had to replace the .45 ACP tote because, despite being labeled as "unbreakable," I had managed to break the carrying handle. Who knew, a 10-gallon tote filled with .45 ACP would be heavy? I also upsized the .223 Rem. bucket from 5- to 10- gallons thanks to some online sales (which, I feel the need to point out, can now be delivered to my home without worrying about the AG. It is *SO* nice to *NOT* see my state listed in the "cannot ship to" legalese...).

So, with two new 10-gallon totes I set out to re-organize the ammo stash. Transferring the .45 ACP was easy, but had to be done carefully to avoid breaking the new tote (the old tote was grafted into service for holding AR mags, as the empties are lighter than ammo so the busted handed wasn't a problem). Once I located all of my .223 Rem. from the various hiding spots, getting it all in one place was a good thing.

I also took a look at my "miscellaneous" ammo can, the can filled with ammo inherited from my grandfather that I hadn't sorted out:

There's .32 S&W, .38 S&W, .38-40, .44-40, .30-06 (in a Garand clip, no less; sadly there was no Garand to go with it) alongside the more common .45 ACP, .32 ACP, etc. There's a hodgepodge of various .22-caliber ammo, .22 Short, .22 Long, even some blanks.

This is one of the things I love about being a gunnie. This is my grandfather's ammo, accumulated in the decades after he settled here in the US and became immersed in the gun culture. While I'd be reluctant to shoot most of this (I might run the .380 through my Makarov, but other than that, well, I don't have a .38-40 anyways...), I have most of the guns he possessed, and I can bring them to the range pretty much whenever I want. Even though he's been gone more than 20 years, I can still hear his voice instructing me how to load a tubular magazine.

Miss you, Grampy.

That is all.


libertyman said...

How about some surplus ammo cans? Or have you put some in your totes? They are, of course, made for the exact purpose you require. Get some 40mm cans for the large quantities.
Ammo is heavy, are the totes strong enough?

libertyman said...

So, if my calculations are right, you have 18,480 cubic inches of storage. Or 80 gallons of ammo storage, at 231 cubic inches per gallon.

That's about 27 Fat .50cal cans.

Gee, you have a lot of ammo!

libertyman said...

I am laughing as I reflect on my previous comments...

Many of our blog fiends are saying, Gee, that's ALL the ammo Jay has?

libertyman said...

"fiends" should be "friends"...

DocRambo said...

No, 'libertyman', you probably got it right with "fiends." After many years, I broke down, after having many pails, boxes, containers, break, and got 50 cal. ammo boxes and use them. They stack neatly, easy to label, and even the wife can carry them fully loaded when balanced one in each hand. But, if you have too much ammo, you need to consider getting some used Jack Daniels' barrels, or inviting some of us up to the range to thin your ammo herd.

Jay G said...

I also have several 50 cal cans (like, um, ten or so) filled with miscellaneous calibers like 7.62X54mmR, 12 gauge, etc.

I ran into one of the two times you can have too much ammo last year, when I moved it: 8 milk crates filled with various boxes, plus the 10 ammo cans...

Stretch said...

The only time you have too much ammo is when your house is on fire.

As for the .38S&W ... I've several revolvers that eat that.
If the .32S&W is short I can help you dispose of that too.
And I'm more than happy to lend you my M1 so you can have Grampy's clip go *PING!* over your shoulder.