Wednesday, October 29, 2014

They All Look Alike, Anyways...

Libertyman sends in installment # 4,178 in the "Imagine if a Republican had said this" files.

Video: Warren mixes up Vermont and New Hampshire on The View
“Talk about American history,” Senator Elizabeth Warren says, but then fails at American geography — and presidential politics. Earlier today, Warren tried singing the praises of Jeanne Shaheen, currently in a fight to retain her seat in the Senate against former Senator Scott Brown — whom Warren beat in 2012 in Massachusetts. One might think that a Commonwealth official could tell the difference between Vermont and New Hampshire, especially one who might need support in the latter for a future presidential run, as the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes:
Yeah, you read that right. Elizabeth Warren, newly elected Senator in Massachusetts, which borders both states, doesn't even know who Jeanne Shaheen represents. Nice. I've been out of MA for a year and out of NH for nearly 20 years and I know who the senators and governors are. And I'm just a dumb gun writer, not a highly educated college professor.

No, seriously. Imagine if Chris Christie had come to New Hampshire to stump for Scott Brown and said something similar. Imagine if he had placed Brown in VT rather than NH. Remember, again, the same media that crucified Christie over "Bridgeghazi" - harping on it for months at a time - used the "-ghazi" from Benghazi, even though they completely and utterly failed to investigate the events of Benghazi itself.

From Clinton lying about the cause to the State Department allowing American citizens to die at the hands of muslim extremists rather than admit that terrorism was still real and a threat, there was more than enough meat in that story to interest an actual journalist. Sadly, none are left. Instead, they droned on and on about how horrible it was that Chris Christie's staff *might* have closed lanes on a bridge, resulting in bad traffic delays, as some sort of political payback for not getting political support.

Yes, in the eyes of the media, a Republican playing politics is more of a story than a Democrat allowing American citizens to die needlessly.

Just like in this case, Elizabeth Warren, the lightweight di tutti lightweights (and a strong contender for our next President if Hillary! opts not to run), can't even be bothered to check on the state Shaheen represents, even though it's a bordering state and she's been stumping for Shaheen. Had the political parties been reversed this would have been a front page story, with news talking heads shaking their heads over this idiot Republican. Saturday Night Live would have fallen over themselves writing 9,000 jokes about the gaffe. Jon Stewart would be sure to mock the pol mercilessly.

But if it's a Democrat, well, the crickets are just deafening...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Warren the one that lied about being American Indian for financial gain? Where's the media on that? Fauxcahontus just gets a pass on everything from the press.

Murphy's Law said...

Dems can do no wrong, because the liberal media has the power to ignore, which means no stories about the Bidens, Gores, Obamas, Clintons, Warrens or Alan Grayson. And if the public gets curious and wants to know...LOOK! PALINS!! George W Bush!

I can't stand it.