Monday, October 13, 2014

Not All The News Is Bad...

With all the bad news out there, from Ukraine to ISIS to Ebola, it's easy to lose sight of the good things in life. This is one of those good things...

Teen battling leukemia signs one-game contract with Philadelphia Eagles
For 40 years, the Ronald McDonald House has helped young people battling serious illness like Colin Delaney, a 15-year-old battling leukemia who recently received a surprise one-game contract offer from his favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

On TODAY Friday, Delaney, a former middle-school fullback, was invited to sit behind the Eagles' bench for Sunday night's NFC East showdown with the New York Giants on NBC. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman then signed Delaney to a one-game contract, and presented him with a No. 1 jersey with his name on the back, as a part of TODAY's "Together We Make Football" series with the NFL, hosted by NBC's Josh Elliott.
Watch the video at the link. This story is first, but if you let it go, it plays other stories. Other stories of people whose lives have been affected by cancer, and how the NFL has helped these folks out in tough times.

We've heard a lot of bad news out of the NFL, too, with domestic violence, other types of violence, and other less-than-stellar behavior grabbing headlines. It's much easier to portray the players as one-dimensional jocks whose only concern is making more money than to see them as people, as fathers, as husbands. Not all players are self-absorbed pretty boys or wanna-be thugs - just like not all cops are Officer Harless.

It's hard to lose sight of that, sometimes, when all we see on the news is the constant barrage of bad...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Go Iggles!

Bonus, Colin got to watch the Giants lose!


Formynder said...

And then to counteract this act of kindness, an Eagles fan stole a veteran's prosthetic leg. And the vet was an Eagles fan as well!