Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Which I Quote John P. Blutarsky...

Ho-lee SH*T!

Peter Max Corvette collection: The ultimate "barn find"?
The long and twisted tale of the so-called VH1 MAX Corvette collection, after sitting for nearly twenty-five years in a series of New York parking garages, has finally come to a close. According to a report in the New York Times, the thirty-six-car collection, which began as a grand prize in a television contest before finding its way into the hands of psychedelic graphic designer Peter Max, was recently purchased by a group of investors with the intent of returning the cars to their pre-infamy status.
Dear sweet merciful Vishnu. One of every model year Corvette from 1953 to 1989.

(picture from link)

There are so many awesome cars in that group... The '53 that started it all. The '63 Split window. The '69 Stingray. The '82 (my favorite body style). The '84 C4. Considering that the '89, as the newest, is worth easily $25K in mint (unrestored) condition, that's easily a multi-million dollar haul. I would imagine the '53 and '63 alone - assuming they're in original, unrestored condition - are worth a couple hundred thousand each.

Read the story at the link. This was apparently part of a promotion VH1 ran in the late 1980s (I vaguely remember it, actually) where the winner got one 'Vette from 1953 through 1989. 36 Corvettes. THREE DAMN DOZEN. That's like getting a 'Vette from 1978 through current, now. While the past 15 or so years are only awesome because Corvette, the older ones are starting to achieve icon status in their own right.

Now, can anyone show me where I left that winning lottery ticket?

That is all.


Ted said...

Well technically not "barn find" since lots of people knew about this collection and have been waiting for it to come on the market.

it's worth more as a complete collection due to the "back story" and the well documented history.

So the real question is ...... Are there several corvette collectors with enough extra millions to buy the whole set.

Cleaned up, and running...... - maybe 3 million?

NotClauswitz said...

Please, I only want the Stingray.

Stingray said...

The '53 will easily push close to if not into seven figures. The '69, *if* if has an L88 is definitely a 7 figure car. Lesser engines in it I've seen go on Barret Jackson for anywhere from 75k to 250k.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go organize the greatest heist of our time.

Old NFO said...

$3m could be lowball... Just sayin...