Monday, October 20, 2014

I Wish This Shocked Me...

But given that it's MA, it doesn't.

Hopkinton School Bus Driver Arrested For OUI With Students On Board
A school bus driver has been charged with operating under the influence — his third offense — while driving a bus full of high school students, police say.

On Saturday, 25 Hopkinton High School cross country athletes were returning from a meet at about 10:30 p.m., when the coach on the bus called police and reported concerns that the bus driver might be intoxicated, according to a Hopkinton police statement. Police met the bus as it turned into the high school’s parking lot and let students off safely.
I honestly don't know which upsets me more: On the one hand, we have a guy tasked with driving high school kids to and from an athletic meet that decided to tie one on to the point where other adults on the bus had to call the police. That's bad. However, is it as bad as the fact that he had twice previously been found under the influence while behind the wheel and was still not only driving on a valid license but driving a school bus?

I mean, still having your driver's license is bad enough, but being eligible to drive a school bus? *TWO* previous OUI convictions isn't enough to permanently bar you from driving a school bus? Are we really that hard up for drivers that we let the worst of the worst drive?

So, how many months before he gets his fourth offense?

That is all.


Anonymous said...

And the coach let him continue to drive after becoming suspicious that he was drunk????

Ted said...

Come on..........

This is Massachusettrs where people still drive after 8 or 10 OUIs. You wouldn't really want to deprive this individual of his ability to earn a living wage. Would you?

where is your compassion ???

You are lucky he is not a recently arrived worker or we would charge you with a thought xxxx. Hate crime

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes, they are.

My girlfriend works for a school bus company. The exceedingly low pay and bad working environment (in addition to serving the South side of Chicago and southern suburbs) relegates you to people who are looking for a paycheck but don't want to work for it.

The pool of drivers for the south side (with gangs, violence problems, racial bias in the front office against lighter folks) coupled with poor wages ($16/hr sounds pretty good until you realize that it is only 3-4 hours per day 15-20 hours per week kinda sucks and then carve out a juicy slice for union dues.) has driven the lazy and intellectually unimpressive to this profession.

Joseph in IL

Anonymous said...

Driver will get hardship license and be back on the job in a few weeks.

Old NFO said...

More to the point, how long before he kills a bus full of kids?