Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Love My Job...

...because, among numerous other reasons, I get to check out some mighty cool stuff.

Like the Mesa Tactical LEO Telescoping Stock Conversion kit. It's a kit that attaches to your Remington 870 (or, in my case, a Mossberg 590) and coverts the standard grip into a recoil-reducing, adjustable-stocked unit with QD sling swivel mounts.

Even cooler, the conversion piece will take standard AR-15 grips and buttstocks. Now, the grip is slightly limited, in that aftermarket grips with extended backstraps won't work, but the buttstock is wide open. It came with a mil-spec stock; I put a Magpul MOE stock on for the moment, although I won't rule out the Mission First Tactical Battlelink.

Did I mention recoil-reducing? Because it is - it's got a built-in hydraulic piston that absorbs some of the recoil to make the 12 gauge kick a little less. That's nice and handy, especially if you're putting on a lightweight stock. Between the overmolded Hogue pistol grip and the recoil-reducing stock, I suspect that shooting the 590 with even 3" Magnums will be a lot more pleasant.

And installation? Fahgedaboudit. It took longer to remove the Butler Creek folding stock than it did to install the Mesa Tactical unit. And it didn't take long to remove the folder. Basically, you attach the central converter to the shotgun, add the pistol grip, then screw the stock extension into the converter. Done. Easy peasy.

Going to run a few shells through it this weekend and see how well it works...

That is all.


Angus McThag said...

Shoot a shotgun?

Why would you ever need to do that since the mere sound of racking it sends criminals running in terror and game to fall to the platter fully dressed!

Dave H said...

It needs to smell of burned gunpowder to have the full effect, so shooting a couple of rounds into the air is recommended.

Anonymous said...

How does it compare with the Knox recoil-reducing stock?

Jay G said...


Oddly enough, that's what was on the Mossie before the Butler Creek. The Knoxx did an AWESOME job taming even 3" magnums, but it didn't fit 100%. Being a lazy bastard, I never got around to correcting it.

I will be quite curious to see how the Mesa Tactical stock reduces recoil compared to the Knoxx. Check the work blog, though - I'll be posting an update after I've had a chance to shoot it.