Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #51

I agonized for several whole minutes over what vehicle to post today. Then it hit me: at the really cool visit to the Tank Farm last weekend, there was the military version of the Dodge Power Wagon. So...

1940s era Power Wagon. Made from just post-WWII until 1980, and then picked up in 2005 as an option, with it becoming an official model last year. The Power Wagon was the four-wheel (or six, as the case often was) drive version with eight foot box and power take-off to run different attachments (like plows).

I've always been a fan of four-wheel-drive trucks, starting with the very first vehicle I ever owned, a GMC Jimmy (Chevy Blazer). I had the S- series ("S" for small!) with the horribly underpowered 2.8L V6 engine, and even with the underpowered motor and all I managed to get into a fair amount of trouble.

Of course, the most famous Power Wagon ever:

Yep, from Simon & Simon, that vehicle that made Gerald McRaney a household name *before* "Major Dad".

Always been a big fan of Dodge trucks...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Spent time riding around in the back of
one of these as a kid. My dad had one
as a work truck at the Ag School he
ran in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The roads were bad and the bridges often worse. Dad kept a hammer and a bag of spikes in the cab. When we got to a shaky bridge he'd get out and
nail it together some more then he'd
drive across it.
Good times.

Looked into some restored ones a few
months back. Had not kept up with the prices and got instant sticker shock.
Have to stick with my Dakota, I guess.

Stretch said...

"Why do you think I wear the hat."

What? Too obscure?

FrankC said...

Re the military version. I can understand having a spare wheel, but who is going to f* around changing a tire?

Murphy's Law said...

Years ago, I rescued a basket-case Dodge M-37 from a farmer's field, where it had lain stuck and abandoned for a very long time. I had it nearly restored when circumstances forced me to sell it. Such a shame--I wish today that I'd held onto it. THAT was a truck.

Will said...


that tire is mounted on a rim. It appears the truck is using dually type wheels, which are really deep dish types. You are looking at the back side of it. I admit, it isn't very obvious, since it is black.