Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Car Pr0n #50

What else could today's car pic be but this?

1950 Mercury, made famous by thespian Sylvester Stallone in the epic period piece "Cobra". Yes, the one shown is a 1951, but post war '49 - '51 were very similar in appearance. Given the 8 cylinder flathead motor and smooth lines, the Mercury 8 was a favorite for hot-rodders, with the Hirohata Merc one of the most famous.

Obviously, "Cobra" isn't the most enduring picture to feature the 1950s Merc. That title would belong to one of two movies that feature the car: "Rebel Without a Cause", from 1955; or "American Graffiti" from 1973. While the Merc wasn't the star of either, being in two such iconic films certainly didn't harm the car's reputation as a hot rod.

Between the '50 Merc and the '57 Bel Air, I think we've got hot rods covered...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Wait.... Cobra?

As in "Crime's the disease and I'm just a horrible complication" Cobra?

The "I'll blow this place up!!!" answered by "Go ahead. I don't shop here." Cobra?

Sweet car. Wonderfully awful movie.

Joseph in IL

Old NFO said...

57 Nomad, THEN you have em covered... :-)

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about "Cobra" from my end was the six months of derpiest derpers coming in to the gun store with all sort of questions or 3even wild theories about "why did he keep his gun cleaning kit in the freezer?"

The car, though...yep, star of the movie.

Ancient Woodsman said...


OOps...that was me. Hate being "anonymous".