Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can Somone 'Splain This To Me?

Because, um, WTF, over?

101st Airborne Soldiers Heading to Liberia
The commander of the Army's 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, says a handful of his soldiers are already in Liberia, and more head there next week to build treatment centers and begin training medical personnel.

Maj. Gen. Gary J. Volesky says his soldiers went through a two days of training with the Center for Disease Control professionals and others to learn about the Ebola threat. He says medical personnel from Fort Detrick, Maryland, will be in Kentucky this week to give soldiers a six-hour training session on protective measures, including how to wear special protection equipment.
Now, maybe I'm ignorant of the way the Army is divided, but wouldn't the Corps of Engineers be better at building treatment centers? Wouldn't a medical corps be better at training medical personnel? I mean, I was under the impression that the 101st Airborne Division was in charge of air assault. In what special manner of hell is assisting third world s**tholes with infectious diseases in their job description?

I mean, it's almost like Obama is DARING the GOP to say something, it really is. Between this story - where we have several thousand US troops on the ground, in an area just rife with corruption and disease - and the recent news where an Obama administration official hand-delivered a note of praise to the mosque where the man accused of beheading an OK woman prayed? It's like he's just DARING the GOP to say something, so they can be smeared as racists.

I mean, it's hard to see how *anyone* could be this tone deaf. Even someone with as much favorable (read: fawning) media as Obama. Then again, it's not like a company his veep used to work for won a bid on military equipment. Oh, boy, then we'd really hear about it, wouldn't we? Or, maybe if someone in his family had heated words with drunken partygoers. I'm sure that would be front page news for a few weeks.

And let's not get into the horrors of being seen at a photo op with troops and a plastic turkey. That was impeachment-worthy, remember? Highly offensive, yadda yadda yadda - certainly a million times worse than being too gorram lazy to take a coffee cup out of your hand, right? The disparity has never been more clear than in the last two administrations as to which way the media winds blow.

It will be amazing if there's anything left of America after the next eight years of media "coverage" of President Hillary!...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Engineers are attached to the division.

Bigger question is why aren't the folks from Army medical units doing the heavy lifting for triage and treatment and the 101st just doing security?

I hope the press officer and reporters are just ignorant of the facts.


.45ACP+P said...

While I do not agree with the deployment, I can understand the choice. The 101st and the 82nd are units set up for rapid deploymnet and need minimal support. Our military has learned to create infrastructure and as stated, that is what these units are being sent for, to create the infrastructure to allow better supply and thus better treatment for the sick. They are not supposed to be in contact with the patients. Then again, no battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy........

Ted said...

Isn't this the job for the blue helmet brigade.

Let our guys do what they do best. Break things and kill the bad guys

Stretch said...

Someone in the Administration has studied history (Clearly NOT Teh 0ne) and know how the Influenza ran through the ranks in 1918-19.

Once you accept O is a sleeper agent for (fill in hostile entity here) his actions make perfect sense.

Old NFO said...

Simple- Military people are expendable, and can't ask questions, or make statements to the press...

Wolfman said...

I'd agree with OldNFO, that sending a military unit in is seen by the administration as a good solution because all they want are warm bodies to 'do something' and they are assumed to be replaceable and expendable.

I don't doubt there are people in this administration that honestly believe that an Army unit from Kentucky are all illiterate rednecks, and that putting them in harms way is a net win. It surely isn't the first time that has happened in history. Send in the ones who don't like you, and you can't lose. If they win, you take the credit, if they lose, you accuse tyem of throwing the battle to spite you, and if they die, you have less opposition and more martyrs. Straight out of Machiavelli, probably. Its been a while since I read it.

ProudHillbilly said...

The Spanish Flu was exactly what I thought of when I saw this. Close quarters of troops is perfect for disease transmission.

The Neon Madman said...

It makes no sense to have Airborne troops in there building medical facilities. Literally no sense. Does any blame belong back on the military leadership for not making this clear to the administration, or are they so demoralized by now that our top Airborne assault units are nothing more than glorified carpenters?

Fort Detrick - now that would make some sense. Those are the Army's chemical and biological warfare experts - they shouldn't just be training some people to go over to Africa, they should be the ones to go themselves.

We are so screwed.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

@ Wolfman: It's called a Xanatos Gambit - a plan whose multiple foreseen outcomes all benefit its creator. It's a win-win situation for whoever plots it.

- The 101st builds the clinics with no one getting infected. O's stated plan works, he wins.

- The 101st builds the clinics with one or two soldiers getting infected. O has alienated the military rank-and-file anyway, so even if the entire brigade dies, he's eliminated some enemies, and he can point to the benefits of the clinics and the infections and deaths and say "this is so bad we have to control it there so it doesn't get here in numbers we can't control. They didn't die in vain". O wins.

- The 101st builds the clinics with one or two soldiers getting infected. Quarantine fails and ebola spreads through the entire military. See above. O wins.

- The 101st builds the clinics with one or two soldiers getting infected. Quarantine fails and ebola gets out into the civilian population here in the US. O gets more power for the .gov under the guise of public safety. O wins.

etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Ed said...

Unify or be gone?


DaddyBear said...

I once overheard the CG of the 101st say that if someone wants his helicopters, then he has to take his infantry. I'm guessing that somebody wanted the lift brigade for in-country transport, and had to take the soldiers along too.

My guess is that the 'hospitals' they will be building are mostly purpose-built tent cities. As for what else they will be able to do, well, that's anyone's guess.

I agree that a medical unit would do better in follow-on missions. It'll be interesting to see who goes in after the initial landing and set-up. XVIII Airborne Corps has a combat support hospital, so I wonder if they aren't either along for the ride or getting ready to fall in on the facilities once they're put up.