Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So, It's Come to This: Kilted Pic Day 30...

All good things come to an end; today being the last day of September, obviously, means the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser ends at 11:59 PM today (and you can donate to KTKC on behalf of Team JayG right up until then!). For today, as I have in previous years, I give you the final kilted picture of 2014:

So sad as we put the kilts back in the closet for another year...

According to the latest update per Ambulance Driver as of time-of-post, we have raised nearly $11,500, about $2,400 short of last year's total. I really would like to see us beat that amount, especially with all the new folks, so let's see if we can pull off a major coup today. At the very least, let's see how close we can get.

Ask yourself, do you believe in miracles...

And speaking of new folks, I want to give a shout-out to my blogson and the guy who's been nipping at my heels the past few days. For his inaugural run he has put up one HELL of a great showing, and has forced me to really bring my "A" game. Keep an eye on him next year. Also, Team USA Karate and McThag put up some awesome numbers this year, too. Real proud of everyone involved.

One last time... Should you decide to donate on behalf of Team JayG, you will be put into a drawing where you could win:
If this appeals to you, *and* you want to support a great cause, *AND* you want some of that sweet, sweet, tax-deductible goodness, here's what you need to do:
  • Click an amount, or add in a custom amount, then check the box next to "This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team". 
  • You'll see "Fundraising Team:" and a drop-down box. Pull up "Team JayG".
Also, if you've donated and haven't sent me an e-mail, please do - I need to know who's in and how many chances to allocate ($5 = one chance). E-mail at the stuckinmassachusetts - at - comcast dot net address and let me know! I know how much I've raised and I know how much I have allocated in the raffle, and the two aren't even close. If you haven't sent an e-mail, time is running out...

Last day to get in on the kilted prize goodness!
That is all.

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Ross said...

Donation sent and kilted photos (taken at a range) have been sent.