Wednesday, September 24, 2014


That's what President Obama called him taking off to go golfing immediately after his press conference in the wake of the first American journalist to be beheaded by ISIS. He "should have anticipated the optics" of going golfing after delivering such horrible news; meaning of course that he should have been mindful of appearances.

Not that it was generally a pretty callous thing to do, mind you. An American journalist was beheaded by terrorists over in Iraq and Syria, an area that we have had interest in for over 20 years, and you can't wait to hit the links. Somehow I don't think it's the "optics" that are the issue here.

Especially when recent news shows President Obama getting off Marine One and not even bothering to take the coffee cup out of his hand when he salutes the Marines in charge of his safety. That, Mr. President, is bad optics. You look like a pampered prince, giving a half-hearted salute to people you obviously consider below you.

People, mind you, that have more integrity in the stuff they scrape off their boots than you have in your entire body.

I wish I could say this surprised me, but really, it doesn't. That he could have taken a fraction of a second to transfer the cup into his empty left hand - but didn't - tells me everything I need to know. The military salute is considered the pinnacle of respect:

Military courtesy is the traditional form of politeness in the profession of arms.

The Military Salute

The salute is the most important of all military courtesies. Over the centuries, men-at-arms have rendered fraternal and respectful greetings to indicate friendliness. This gesture survives as today's hand salute, which is the traditional greeting among soldiers of all nations. Regulations require that all officers be saluted by their juniors, and that they return such salutes. The salute formally recognizes the officer as a military superior, and returning the salute expresses the officer’s thanks for the junior’s support.
Got that? That's might poor thanks you're showing our men in uniform, President Obama. It's especially ironic considering that you've recently made statements and issued orders to commit our troops to more fighting overseas - and you can't even offer a proper salute to the Marine detail charged with escorting you safely to and from your engagements.


That is all.


Cargosquid said...

I am a Navy vet.
I am fanatical about encouraging young people to join.

I am now actively discouraging anybody from joining the military until this incompetent, corrupt, evil bastard is out of office. I tell them to wait until we see who is voted in in 2016.

A couple of years delay and added maturity will actually help them in the military.

Cormac said...

As a civilian, and not in any kind of uniform, it would have been better for him not to salute.

A verbal acknowledgement, or even a nod of the head was the standard from my Captian when we saw him in "civvies".

Hell, if he had just ignored them, it wouldn't have been as bad.

Armed Texan said...

But he's not putting boots on the ground* and we know that flying military aircraft into a war zone is safer than a Sunday drive.

* Well, except for the intelligence people who we need to determine what to target and the special operations folks who paint the targets with lasers. Other than that, just a few "advisers", because that worked out so well in Vietnam.

SouthernKahrCarrier said...

I never thought I would be defending Obama, but if you google "bush salute with dog" you'll find a photo of G.W. Bush saluting with his dog in his arms. It's a pretty weird, hunched over salute. They are busy, doing stuff and things, and forget they'll need to have a free hand. President Peace Prize has bombed more countries than all other Peace Prize winners combined, the salute is a small thing...

Jay G said...

Except that Bush saluted with an *empty* hand, as per protocol. The leftie sites have been pushing that photo as some sort of moral equivalence, when it demonstrates the opposite: Even though Bush had his hands full, he still saluted properly.

Obama had one thing in both hands, and couldn't be bothered to render a proper salute.

Yes, it's a small thing. But ESPECIALLY in the wake of the "optics" comments, it's significant. You have the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, who JUST sent troops into harm's way, and he can't even be bothered to properly repay the ultimate sign of respect?

Old NFO said...

Jay, concur with all, and thanks for putting this up, saves me from putting my rant up... And SKC, Bush at least TRIED to shift the dog and render a salute... BO doesn't give a s**t about the military as he commits us once again... And sequestration kicks in even deeper next week...

PJS said...

He's a class act all the way.

Anonymous said...

People you are whining about nothing really. The president is NOT required to salute anyone period. GOT THAT! Good.

The first president who began to salute the Military was Ronald Regan and in a memo to a Military aid he stated why he wanted to salute and to date there has been no official sanction requiring the president, vice-president, etc. to salute. Bill Clinton caught hell for his feeble salutes, which got better with time.

Various people around the country are denouncing the President for saluting his Marine guard while holding a cup of tea or coffee. From CNN to the Daily Mail to ABC to the New York Daily News to the Washington Post to the New York Post to NBC to CBS to countless others, the salute is generating heated comments across the country. YouTube clips show the salute over and over along with multiple postings expressing outrage. My reaction is a bit different. The President has launched another declared war that his aides say could last “years.” However, there seem more debate over this tempest in a tea [cup] than the fact that we are bombing another nation.

However, it is the relative attention given the issue that is mystifying. Many irate people over the salute are less aggrieved by the war just commenced on the sole authority of this President. Just as there is an appropriate way to salute a Marine, there is an appropriate way to send a Marine to war. The Constitution is quite clear about starting wars and there is far more at stake. We should be at least as aggrieved when our Constitution is being disrespected or ignored as we are the Marine guard this week. Just a thought.