Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Okay, That's Better...

Well, I'm no longer in the cellar in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge. That's a good start. However, there's still several places to go, and I'll have to step on OldNFO and my blogson to get there. I'm okay with that. :)

A big hearty THANK YOU to everyone that's donated so far. If you haven't done so, please e-mail me and let me know how much you donated so I can toss your name into the super awesome raffle for the York Arms stripped lower.

Now, onto the kilted pic!

That's me doing my best Jayne Cobb. I'm not as buff as Adam Baldwin, but I can handle an AR better, so that's something.

And again, the whole reason we're doing this? Kilted to Kick Cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer death for men (lung cancer is number one, and it's number one like McDonald's is number one for fast food - the real race is to see who gets second place. One of the BIG reasons I quit smoking). We're working to raise awareness of prostate cancer as well as to raise funds.

I hate cancer. It killed my grandmother, my wife's mother, and has claimed many other relatives and friends. If putting on a kilt and listening to snickers and enduring stares means that I can help contribute to finding an end to one of them, I'm happy to do it. I've done crazy stuff before in the quest to raise funds (how much will you donate to keep me from posting the Marilyn Monroe shot???), I am not above more crazy stuff to win this fundraiser again.

I kinda like being down in the pack. It's kicking my competitive streak in the ass and making me want to really win this. And when one of us gets in gear, it drags us all to bring our "A" game. So look out, NFO and Borepatch. I'm gunning for you guys.

Competition means more funds. That's what it's all about.

And, to reiterate: There's a York Arms lower at stake here. Anyone that donates gets a chance to win it. Every $5 is one chance (i.e. if you donate $25 you get 5 chances). As I've done in years past, I'll assign everyone numbers based on their chances and run a random number generator to determine a winner. Everyone who donates and e-mails me gets a shot.

To donate:

  • Click an amount, or add in a custom amount, then check the box next to "This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team". 
  • You'll see "Fundraising Team:" and a drop-down box. Pull up "Team JayG".

It's just that simple!

Again, thanks to all that donate and all that are thinking of donating. As much as I like to pretend it's about winning, or whatever, it's really about helping out. It's about kicking cancer in the ass any way we can.

Let the best fundraiser win - and we all win.

That is all.