Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KTKC, Day Two

I'm going to try to post a kilted pic every day, as I've done in years past. I've got some pretty serious competition this year, between my #1 Blogson, Jeff B. (who gave me a good run last year), and many other talented bloggers donning kilts. It's all good, because it's going to a great cause.

Yep, just grilling in the backyard in a kilt. Another normal day in suburbia, in September. Got some odd looks from the neighbors, but they're slowly coming to grips that the guy from MA might be just a little on the weird side...

Again, there is a shiny York Arms stripped lower that will be raffled to one lucky donor to entice you to donate on my behalf. Donate here, click the box next to "This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team" and then select Fundraising Team: Team JayG. if you want to donate on my behalf. You get one chance at the lower for every $5 you donate, and at midnight on September 30th we'll pick one lucky person to receive the lower.

Remember that your donations to Kilted to Kick Cancer are 100% tax-deductible. The overwhelming majority of your donation will go directly to fund prostate cancer research, and you'll be goading us to greater and greater acts of insanity keeping a grand tradition alive between participants. We short-sell our dignity, prostate cancer research gets a boost, and maybe we convince a few guys to go get checked out. It's all good.

Stay kilted, my friends.

That is all.


PJS said...

It's quite possible that from across the street the kilt looked like a skirt to your neighbors. I'm just saying'.

Old NFO said...

A 'little'??? A LITTLE??? ROTFLMAO! :-)