Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kilted Picture, Day 24

As I mentioned yesterday, the latest standings put me within $115 of my blogson in the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser (Team JayG!). Friend and Northeast Bloggershoot attending Glenn B. graciously chipped in enough to put me over the top, and offered yet another very cool prize to throw into the mix to help me stay there.


What's inside?

300 rounds of Winchester .22 LR ammunition. Or as we like to call it, Imaginarium. Not only do you get the one-of-a-kind York Arms stripped lower, a lower parts kit, and a 30-round PMag, but now you get 300 rounds of .22 LR in case you want to take your Ruger 10/22 to the range before you finish your AR... Thanks Glenn!!!

Now, for the kilted pic:

I totally forgot to conclude my "a day in the kilted life" sequence. It's not all glamor and sunshine when kilted, nossirree. Sometimes you have to take care of the chores as well... (and, for the record, socks on a hardwood floor = not the greatest idea I've ever had...)

 Now, to recap. If you decide to donate on behalf of Team JayG, you will be put into a drawing where you could win:

If this appeals to you, *and* you want to support a great cause, *AND* you want some of that sweet, sweet, tax-deductible goodness, here's what you need to do:
  • Click an amount, or add in a custom amount, then check the box next to "This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team". 
  • You'll see "Fundraising Team:" and a drop-down box. Pull up "Team JayG".
Thanks to Glenn, JFT, and Wally for the generous prizes, and to everyone that has donated and is about to donate!

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

Ouch! Tam just called you the NY Yankees.

Borepatch said...

At least I'm not performing like this year's Red Sox ...