Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kilted Picture, Day 11

KTKC - Throwback Thursday style!

This is the very first kilted picture I ever posted. It's from September 19, 2011, very nearly three years ago. The picture was taken in front of a local steakhouse, well, local to where Mrs. G. grew up and SCI-FI (who took the picture) grew up and currently lives. He was kind enough to follow me around that weekend, getting pictures for my attempt to win the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser. The very first one.

Now, as I did three years ago, I find myself back in the pack, struggling to catch up. I came awfully close that first year, and came back with a vengeance the second year. It's not the prizes, nor even the bragging rights (even though beating Kelly like a rented mule is a side benefit). It's knowing that I did my best to help raise money for cancer research and awareness for a form of cancer that specifically targets men.

This year, though, I have something I didn't that first year: a York Arms lower - and, possibly, a parts kit with which to finish it - is at stake here. Anyone that donates gets a chance to win it. Every $5 is one chance (i.e. if you donate $25 you get 5 chances). As I've done in years past, I'll assign everyone numbers based on their chances and run a random number generator to determine a winner. Everyone who donates and e-mails me gets a shot.

To donate:

  • Click an amount, or add in a custom amount, then check the box next to "This donation is made as part of a Fundraising Team". 
  • You'll see "Fundraising Team:" and a drop-down box. Pull up "Team JayG".
It's just that simple!

Help me kick cancer - and Kelly's behind - again, please.

That is all.

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