Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Good Soldier In The War on Women...

Life's good when you're not running for re-election, isn't it Cadillac?

Advocates livid about rape ruling on Gov. Deval Patrick's brother-in-law
Gov. Deval Patrick’s brother-in-law did not have to register as a sex offender because his hearing officer ruled that spousal rape is not considered rape in Massachusetts — a decision that has outraged victims’ advocates calling on the governor to disavow the claim and apologize.

“It’s insulting to all women,” said victims’ lawyer Wendy Murphy. “Gov. Deval Patrick knew this man was fighting to give his brother-in-law a discount for violence against women. You don’t get a discount from rape to a pat on the rear end because the victim was your wife.”
Here's the best part:
Patrick said he fired Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) Chairwoman Saundra Edwards and put executive director Jeanne L. Holmes on leave last week in part because they pressured a hearing officer to keep the governor’s brother-in-law, Bernard Sigh, on the registry. The hearing officer, Attilio “A.J.” Paglia, refused, quit and filed a lawsuit against the state in 2008.
Got that? The Sex Offender Registry board chair and executive director were s**t-canned by Patrick because they wouldn't take his brother-in-law off the sex offender registry. IMAGINE if this had been a Republican governor. ***IMAGINE*** if it had been Rick Perry or Sarah Palin who did this...

No, wait, I'm sorry, that's not the best part:
Sigh was convicted in California in 1993 of raping his wife, the governor’s sister, then served four months in jail and was put on five years’ probation.
{emphasis mine} This wasn't Patrick's wife's brother, where he might not know the victim all that well. The victim was Patrick's own sister. I'm sorry, folks, that's a new level of scummy. Deval Patrick, the progressive governor of Massachusetts and one of the "rising stars" in the Democratic party, fired one person (a woman, no less) and put another (also a woman) on leave because they WOULDN'T take the man who raped the governor's own sister off the sex offender registry.

Now, I ask you... Where, exactly, is Massachusetts's Senator Warren on all this? This champion of the little person, defender of the defenseless, and champion of the downtrodden is eerily silent on the governor's actions. It's pretty telling, especially since she rode into office on the stupid comments about rape uttered by SC Rep. Todd Akin's. Yet she has nothing to say about the governor of the state she represents actively working to get a rapist OFF the sex offender list.

Note to feminists: THIS is what a war on women looks like, not refusing to pay for abortion-on-demand...

That is all.


ProudHillbilly said...

Anybody ask the Dem's keynote speaker, "Better put some ice on that" Clinton, what he thinks?

The Democrat party is deeply and viciously anti-woman.

Old NFO said...

+1 on PH... sigh... Glad you got out in time!

Sailorcurt said...

I'm taking this one with a grain of salt. I know you don't like this guy, and based on your posts, I'm inclined to think the worst of him too, but a couple of things about this don't pass the smell test.

1. The hearing officer, when pressured by the SORB Chairwoman and executive director to keep this guy ON the registry, not only quit, but sued the state after quitting?

In the interview video, Patrick clearly says that the pressure being exerted by the Chairwoman and executive director were "unlawful", which is supported by the hearing officer quitting and then suing the state.

If that's the case...that the two people exerting the pressure were doing so unlawfully...then they SHOULD have been fired, regardless of who the case was about.

The article implies that based on state law, the brother-in-law SHOULD have been taken off the registry and the hearing officer was just going to do what the law required, but was being pressured into doing something else...presumably for political reasons.

You may not like the fact that under MA law, spousal rape is not actually rape, but railing against the guy upholding the law is a bit misdirected. If you don't like the law, lobby to get the law changed, don't vilify people for refusing to ignore the law.

2. The convicted rapist and the wife that he raped are still together and married. Versus assuming that Patrick is kicking his sister to the curb to support the brother-in-law, how about entertaining the possibility that she also doesn't particularly want her husband on the sex offender registry? Therefore, he's not taking the rapist's side over the woman, he's actually supporting his sister with his stand.

Deval Patrick may be corrupt and/or may be the worst politician in the history of MA politics, but he's also a human being and the odds are, not EVERYTHING he does is necessarily evil.