Monday, August 18, 2014

Worthless Without Pics...

#1 Blogdaughter sends in this interesting (meaning stupid) story out of my former state...

Massachusetts police charge man with officer impersonation for Maserati looking like a cop car
Police patrol cars are usually Fords or Chryslers, not Maseratis. So when a patrolman in Braintree, Massachusetts, spotted a Maserati resembling a police cruiser over the weekend, he pulled it over.

Deputy Chief Wayne Foster tells The Patriot Ledger the luxury Italian vehicle's body was painted black and white with a police-style shield on the doors, and police-related decals.
Completely and utterly worthless without pics. There's a wide gulf between an exotic Italian sports car with a black-and-white paintjob and a someone attempting to impersonate a police office. Maserati does make a sedan, though, and perhaps that's what's at play here.

I mean, there's a world of difference between this:

and this:

painted up in black and white. It would have made the article much clearer, even, had they identified the model of Maserati, especially considering that the marque is more known for the former, rather than the latter. Apparently there was enough similarity with a cruiser to charge the dude, however I suspect anyone that can afford a Maserati can also afford a lawyer that will make this all go away...

Especially when I have a sneaking suspicion that the "shield" on the door was most likely a "Transformers" logo...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Did it have a light bar?
If not piss off copper.
I have seen some very tricked out cop cars in the UAE.


Dave H said...

New York occasionally takes a sports car that's been confiscated in a drug case and outfits it as a cruiser for school and county fair displays. I've seen Corvettes in the navy & gold of the NYSP, complete with light bars.

Also, Gerry, some departments are going to low profile light bars at the top of the front and rear windscreens, so there's no bar visible on the roof.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Here's an article with a picture.

I would think having "DECEPTICONS" in big, bold lettering across the door where most cop cars have "POLICE" should be enough to show a total lack of mens rea.

Then again, apparently the owner has a critical case of foot-in-mouth disease.
"The driver told [Police Chief] Foster he was assisting the police “because other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle.”"

bob r said...

Another pic.

Joe Allen said...

Uh oh... Best Buy Geek Squad techs get your bail money ready.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pic

Frankly, I can't see the charge sticking. Anyone who can read can tell it isn't a cop car and lots of Porsches have 911 painted on the side. If someone with a black Crown Vic replaces a damaged door with a white one from the junkyard do you charge them?