Friday, August 1, 2014

This Is Just... Odd.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Bill Clinton: I could have killed Osama bin Laden but didn’t
Just hours before the 9/11 terror attacks, Bill Clinton told a group of Australian businessmen that he passed on a chance to kill Osama Bin Laden, according to a revelation by an Australian media outlet.

Only 10 hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center, Clinton explained at a conference in Melbourne that when he was President, he let the chance to kill Bin Laden pass because the operation would have also killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan,according to a Sky News Australia report.
On September 10, 2001, Osama bin Laden was just a terrorist asshole who tried to murder Americans (in the first WTC bombing) and failed. It wasn't until the next day that he became a terrorist asshole that murdered thousands of Americans on American soil. Clinton's remarks are entirely proper for a pre-9/11 mindset. Yes, bin Laden was a bad man who deserved to eat a Predator. At the time, though, the calculus did not favor taking that many innocent lives to reach him. Obviously, had Clinton been able to tell the future, things may have been very different.

I don't blame Clinton for that particular call. What I do blame him for, though, is the 8-year vacation from history that occurred during his presidency that lead to the militants deciding to attack us again. He divided his time between attacking those who disagreed with him (the right-wing extremists, remember), attending lavish fundraisers, and diddling interns. He used Saddam Hussein and the action in Iraq as his own private whack-a-mole every time things got too heavy here at home - you know, like calling an airstrike in Iraq the day Monica testified.

Imagine if we had had a president more interested in going after *real* terrorists like Osama bin laden than after "home grown extremists" like Rush Limbaugh?

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

There is a LOT more to that than Clinton lets on... He was at a golf tourney, and refused to take time from sucking up to donors to actually get a brief and give the order... There would have been NO collateral damage... Instead???

Anonymous said...

An hour before 9/11 OBL had already killed 13 Americans and 201 foreign nationals on US property on the embassy and surrounding grounds in Kenya and Tanzania.

Screw your collateral damage Billy boy.


Siddhartha Priest said...

My better half who was in the Corp around that time always mentions how Clinton did nothing after the attack on the USS Cole. She is so pissed off about it she brings it up ay least once every 2 months.

Stretch said...

Bubba's mouth has two settings:
Lie harder.

Dave H said...

Stretch: 3 settings. You forgot "vibrate."

Stretch said...

Dammit Dave!
You owe me a new keyboard!

EMS Artifact said...

Like all things Clinton, this is about 2% true and 98% bull shit.

He was as much a kick the can down the road President as the current moron in the White House.

ASM826 said...

In 1945, presidents saw their job as defending the United States and the American people. We won a two front war that year against major powers with fully operational armies and navies.

We bombed their cities, too. The rounding error on any serious estimate of civilian casualties in Germany and Japan would be in the tens of thousands.

Now we are at the mercy of terrorists that cannot even be called an army. Something has changed. It's not the quality of the enemy. It's how the Presidents we've elected view their responsibilities and their oaths.

Anonymous said...

Expanding the meaning of the word "obscene" every day.

Geodkyt said...

Clinton actually said he couldn;t kill Bin Laden because it would require destroying "a little town called Khandahar" (2nd largest city in Afghanistan - population just shy of 500,000 people) which would result in 300 civilian deaths.

How do you destroy a "town" of a half a million people and only kill 300 civilians?

I'll note that 300 people would be about right for the population of Bin Laden's PERSONAL compound in Khandahar, if you include the guards and other AQ staffers.