Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mork Won't Be Down For Shazbot...

Wow. This was a blow.

Comedy Legend Robin Williams Found Dead at 63
Comedian Robin Williams died Monday morning in his residence in Tiburon, California, according to his wife and publicist.

Williams, 63, was found in the home he shared with his wife shortly before noon (3 p.m. ET), the Marin County Sheriff's Office said.
Just... Wow. The coroner's office is calling "suicide by asphyxiation," which I would imagine is coroner-speak for death from hanging. Really, I hope that it was a David Carradine moment. I think it's funnier that way, and I think Robin Williams would prefer the laughter to the maudlin.

Robin Williams is one of those actors that has been with me pretty much my entire life. I was seven years old when he was on Mork & Mindy; I watched this zany "alien" and his antics every week, transfixed (it was one of the shows my folks allowed me to watch; go figure). From "Mork calling Orson. Come in, Orson" to sitting on his head in a chair, the character of Mork from Ork was pure Williams.

"The World According to Garp" showcased a wider range of Williams' talent, with his offbeat talents. "The Survivors" paired Williams with Walter Matthau and gave us Survivalist Robin. Everyone is familiar with "Good Morning Vietnam" (many good one liners there) and "Dead Poets Society" (Serious Robin is Serious). And then, Aladdin. Robin Williams appearing in a Disney film? Fortunately, they allowed him fairly free reign and the Genie was unfiltered (although certainly toned down) Williams.

Other roles, other movies showed his talent and range. Sure, there were a few that made me cringe, like the cardboard-cutout in "RV" or whatever the hell "Death to Smoochy" was supposed to be, but even in the later movies there was a spark of Robin. I've enjoyed so many of his films - and so have my kids, from Aladdin to Robots to Night at the Museum. It's so unbelievably sad to think he's gone, that his light will shine no more, that he will no longer entertain us.

Requiescat in pace, Robin. You will be missed.

That is all. 


Anonymous said...

I was figuring he was told that they were doing Mrs. Doubtfire 2 and he had the lead.

Yes, it is too soon for that sort of thing, but something I think Mr. Williams would have liked. He was zany like that.

I know this is the action of someone who was mentally ill. Bipolar on a depressive streak (and a recovering coke addict). I will miss him. Especially from the lesser known films of his like "What Dreams May Come" and "Patch Addams". He was a very versitile actor. And watching his standup or the poor bastards who had to interview him was manic comedy genius.

And the only song running through my head is a Stevie Ray Vaughn tune "The Sky is Crying".

Joseph in IL

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry. He made a Conscious Decision to Kill Himself.
He didn't have a Terminal Disease, he wasn't in his Late 90s stuck in a Bed for the rest of his life, he sure as Hell wasn't too Poor to get Professional Help AND FOLLOW IT, and he didn't Sacrifice Himself trying to Save someone from a Burning Building.

You want a Hollywood Role Model? How about Patrick Swayze who kept at his Job, even knowing that he wasn't going to make it.

Or John Wayne, whom Lauren Bacall said years later that "When we were doing The Shootist, Duke and everyone knew that he was Dying, and he wanted this Movie to be his Epitaph".

Sorry. No Pass for Williams in my Book.

Morris said...

"or the poor bastards who had to interview him"

Ha, yeah, the wise interviewers knew to just release him and stand back (with a finger on the nuke button). :P

doubletrouble said...

Well, Les is right on that point, but damn.
I always thought Jonathan Winters was the funniest guy alive (when he was), until I saw the two of them together- I was in literal side-cramping pain laughing watching their combined craziness.
I'll miss the funny, not so much the drama.

Anonymous said...

Les, I think you are confusing my sadness at being deprived of a comedic genius to having him as my role model.

He wasn't. I have much better role models than that.

I am sorry for the family he left behind. I've seen the lying monster of depression. Had to talk a friend down while desperately trying to summon police/fire to get to him. The monster is good at lying. Makes convincing arguments that you are alone and no one will help. That psychotherapy is just a bunch of prostitutes that don't care (exchanging time for money).

Not everyone is savable. It is a tragedy for those left behind. The dead care not.

Joseph in IL