Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm In.

Concrete proof I want in on this whole Elio thing.

Those who have submitted their deposits no doubt know what this is. It's the official membership into the Elio cult, the few of us (over 26,000 have put down deposits so far) that hope this becomes a reality. The proverbial friend-of-a-friend rumor mill puts the car's release in the earlier part of 2015 (reports are mixed; some say March, some say September. I've come to accept that if it's something I want, the later date is usually correct).

I still love the concept. The more I read about it, the more I like it - AC and power windows and door lock (note the singular) are standard; AM/FM stereo as well, but the jury's out on whether it will have an AUX jack for the iPod (NOTE: THAT WOULD BE GOOD). The big question for me is whether I spring for the automatic transmission or not. With the traffic on 66 the auto would be a benefit; if the mileage estimates are close I might get it. Or I might get the stick shift because I haven't driven one in close to 20 years...

The mileage. Hoo boy. 49 MPG city, 84 MPG highway. I think the 84 might be a little optimistic, in that even 500cc motorcycles barely get that, and they're a lot smaller and lighter; the 49 MPG city is probably close. It's a small, light vehicle with a small engine. I can see it being economical. Here's the killer, though. I was running the math with the Mrs., explaining that the Elio literally pays for itself:

Weekly commute: 200 miles.
Truck MPG in traffic: 14 MPG (this is optimistic, BTW)
Elio MPG (est.): 49 MPG

Gallons of gas used per week in Dodge: 14.29
Gallons of gas used per week in Elio: 4.08
Gas savings: 10.2 gallons a week, or $35.74 with gas at $3.50/gallon.

That's nearly $150 a month in straight gasoline savings. If I finance the Elio over two years, that's half the payment. If I keep the Elio four years I've broken even just in gas savings alone. Heck, there's one less tire to replace, so it'll save money... :) The Elio is one case where the math really does add up.

There's another benefit, though. Since the Elio is technically a motorcycle, I can drive it in the less-used HOV lane. Since it's heated, cooled, and enclosed, I can drive it year-round regardless of weather. I can cart stuff back and forth to work in it without worrying if it will fit in a saddlebag. And, most importantly, it saves commuting wear and tear on both the Earthf**ker and the Harley. With the Elio taking the commuting task from the Dodge, I can hold onto my paid-for truck for a long time.

As long as the claims being made about the Elio regarding gas mileage and price are valid (or at least close), I can't wait to bring one home!

That is all.


Mopar said...

I'm seriously considering a deposit on a SECOND one, since the wife gets the next new car (the Elio). His and hers would STILL be cheaper then just one new car, and like you, the gas savings alone over the EarthF*cker (14mpg) or the Jeep (15.5mpg) would pay for itself in no time.

Dave H said...

Your example 500cc motorcycle isn't as aerodynamic as the Elio's shell, so the 84 MPG estimate may not be as far off as you think.

LCB said...

Yeah, I've been watching this closely. If they manage to go to production, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it wouldn't survive the my driveway.
--mrs doubletrouble

Will said...

Street, (hell, even race) bikes, have all the aerodynamics of barn doors, with the barn still attached.
Race bikes can't have bodywork beyond the front axle, since the late fifties (except the fender), and stability suffers from side winds if you do.
And, forget the back end, which is just as important as the front. Way too short.

Will Brown said...

All-In #4577 says, "Welcome to the queue". I've just this weekend begun the planning for a road trip to Oregon next year to visit my son and his family (and look at possible retirement locales for the following year). I definitely want a towing package option for mine; the stock interior and cargo capacity is roomy by ordinary motorcycle standards, but I've got too much crap (spelled CPAP, for only one example) these days.

Sure hope this turns out to be even close to what it's being hyped as. I should note that I feel the same way about Blacklight Power, though I haven't got any cash down on that bet yet.

Bradley said...

I am also on the queue, dont recall my number, and too lazy to go find it, But damn i want one. For the same reasons you posted, it would be a great all weather ride that would fill about 85% of my driving needs. I can only put 93octane no Ethonal in the Mustang, so going from 4.25 per gallon to 3.25 would be a big savings, I also average ~15mpg with my driving style.. I so hope they come out soon.

I know they are not built for this, but i would so put a very small turbo on it, because i have issues.

Geodkyt said...

The more I hear about these, the more interested I am. A tag team combo of mid-size SUV or pickup truck and one of these would be sweet.