Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Love Stories Like This...

Blogshoot attendee and emerging gunnie PJS sends in one of my favorite types of stories...

A Barn Find Uncovers Hidden Gems in North Carolina
After years and years of collecting, it’s time for one man to start divvying up his stockpile of vintage cars.

Spotted by the guys over at Barnfinds, an anonymous seller located in North Carolina is looking to clean house and sell off all his vehicles. No, there don’t appear to be any new-old stock classics like the one-mile Chevy Cameo from the Lambrecht collection, but we do see a few gems we wouldn’t mind polishing up.

Why can't I make a find like this?

Just in that pic, we've got what  looks to be a Charger and a Camaro, one late-60s early 70s, the other early 70s; there's a 70s/80s Caddy next to that. There's a Willy's Jeepster, a Triumph Spitfire, and an early Firebird in the mix as well. Other pictures reveal what appears to be a Pinto Coupe as well as a well-used pickup from the '60s. There are some finds, some not-so-finds, and everything in between.

In the comments, it's pointed out that with the lack of proper storage, combined with outdoor living, there's a pretty strong possibility that anything even remotely fragile (hoses, wires, etc.) is gone and potentially filled with generations of rodentia. That's a distinct possibility: I stored a 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille on my property in MA for several years while waiting/hoping for inspiration/extra cash for a restoration project (it was summarily sold for scrap after TheBoy was born, basically on the solid premise that it contained approximately 9 billion bees/wasps/hornets and more rats than NIMH...).

Would still be neat as all get-out to go take a look at what's there...

That is all.


libertyman said...

I wonder if there is an equivalent "gun safe find" as i have a couple of those that I had forgotten about.

The cars, though, just go to wrack and ruin sitting there, because someday they will be worth something, I guess.

Ted said...

Step right up..... You too can join the popular pastime of finding and restoring a generic small block charger and turning your 6 figure investment into a 5 figure not very Collectable Car

Anonymous said...

Having followed the links - there's 50 to 75 cars that they never got around to photographing, and as yet no complete list - there looks to be a mix of good restorable cars and a bunch of 'em that aren't suitable for anything more than scrapping.

The Olds 4-4-2, in particular, is enough to make you cry.

OTOH, that late sixties Barracuda and black Bandit T/A look like great candidates for a restoration or resto-mod, as does the early seventies Chrysler he's got sitting up against the back wall. The Chrysler, in particular, looks to be all there and without rust.

--Wes S.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey, at WORST they become Donor Cars to keep other Rides moving down the Road.

Think of those Cars as an Organ Bank.

PJS said...

"emerging gunnie" -- I like that. :)

Old NFO said...

Not looking... nope... NOT looking... sigh