Thursday, July 17, 2014

"With G-d As My Witness...

...I thought ping pong balls could fly." Mad props to Joseph in IL for allowing me to use that awesome WRKP line again. He sends in this ridiculous story that should be good for a larf.

Pilot mistake means pingpong balls rain on highway
A pilot who dropped 3,000 pingpong balls that were redeemable for prizes missed a crowd assembled for the stunt and instead hit a nearby interstate.

Organizers immediately called off the contest. Aaron Moon and helpers on Saturday told revelers at Blackfoot Pride Days not to risk retrieving the pingpong balls amid high-speed traffic because organizes still planned to pass out the prizes.
Man, that had to have been one crazy commute, no? All of a sudden your car is getting pelted by hail the size of ping pong ba- WAIT! Those really ARE ping pong balls!

I'm guessing that, due to the light weight, there was little-to-no-damage done to the cars, except perhaps for folks that panicked. It's funny that the pilot didn't factor gravity into his assessment. He apparently thought that ping pong balls had some inherent glide capability.

At least the ping pong balls didn't hit the ground like wet sacks of cement...

That is all.


Dave H said...

Just be glad they weren't golf balls.

Anonymous said...

Be glad they were not bowling ball.

Wind drift I reckon.


Geodkyt said...

I'm surprised they didn't have him do a practice drop beforehand, so he'd actually know the dropping characteristics were. . . I'm shocked he didn't insist on it himself.

So his first dress rehersal was a live performance, and something went wrong.

This is my shocked face. ;-)

Anonymous said...

All that was missing was Capt. Kangaroo and Mr. Moose!