Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Seventh Annual Northeast Bloggershoot Update, Part II

Update #1 here.

Original post here.

Again, the recap:

What? Seventh Annual Northeast Bloggershoot

Who? Any and all bloggers, commenters, readers, lurkers, etc. in the Northeast area, or those passing through, or anyone crazy enough to show up.

When? Saturday, August 2nd.

Where? Why, Doubletrouble's sooper seekrit range, of course!

Why? Shootin' stuff is fun? Trying out new hardware is fun? Getting together with a couple dozen of your tribe, combined with guns and reactive targets, is a recipe for a good time!

Dave H.
Yankeefried (+ 2 possible guests)
Wally & A.
Mopar & Cher
Wandering Neurons
Daniel in Brookline
OldNFO (maybe) (D'oh! Next year, NFO!)
Glenn B. +2
Your humble host
Mr. & Mrs. DoubleTrouble (of course, and thanks again!!!)
Old Windways
Andrew +1
Bubblehead Les
JD & Mrs. JD

And, the standard caveat:

As with every year, this is a "pack-in, pack-out" shoot - if you want to bring a 1:1 scale papier mache model of the Lunar Rover to shoot the hell out of, go right ahead. Just be prepared to drag the bullet-riddled carcass out with you. We can call the sub shop for lunch, but someone should step up to take care of the lunch order so Mrs. Doubletrouble doesn't have to deal with that again...

Okay, I should be in the area Friday night by 7 or so, assuming that the traffic gods don't detain me too badly. I should be able to make a late(r) dinner. Saturday night I'd still like to hit KC's one more time; if everyone's good with that, let's get a head count and I'll get in touch with the folks there to see if we can't hosey the upstairs area again.

With that said, where are folks that are staying overnight planning on staying? I still need to book a hotel room, and it has to be in NH, for fairly obvious reasons. I know there aren't a lot close to the range, but I know folks have stayed in both Nashua and Manchester with reasonable success. I remember from Nashua that it was ~ 40 - 45 minutes to the Sooper Seekrit range; anyone have better luck coming from Manchester?

In any case, where's everyone staying? I'd love a chance to get together Friday night and chat, and ditto Saturday after dinner at KC's. If we can get a good number of folks in one hotel (or hotels in reasonably close proximity), we could gather in a lobby and perhaps even indulge in an adult beverage or two (I will refrain, from the gout, so there will even be a driver if needed). Let me know where everyone's staying, if we can, let's get a consensus and I'll make reservations.

One more point, regarding ordnance: Wally has graciously offered to bring a few machine guns for folks to play with. He has a very simple request:
I'll have an MG or two available for the extended family at NEBS, so here's the skinny on what to bring.  There will be an M16 (byo brass cased) and probably a 308 auto (BYO brass cased/non magnetic projectile - sorry to be picky)
IOW, no steel cased (Wolf/Tulammo/Brown Bear), no steel core (surplus). If you want to shoot a machine gun, spring for brass-cased ammo please.

Additionally, Alan will be bringing his semi-auto Bren in .303 Brit, so be sure to bring some of that if you'd like to try it. Mopar just picked up a Serbu .50 BMG and will be bringing it as well, so if you want to try your hand at something BIG (that's not the cannon or the recoilless rifle...), find some .50 BMG to bring along...

Can't wait to see everyone in 2.5 weeks!

That is all.


Mopar said...

Nashua is closer to the range, Manchester is closer to KC's. I'm good with either, though probably lean toward Nashua. Where ever Cousin Les picked out last year worked out pretty well, and was clean, spacious and reasonably priced (just remember to bring your own shampoo and toothpaste, they didnt supply that stuff or offer room service if I remember).

Dave H said...

I'm afraid I won't be able to make it after all. (grumble) Sorry Wally, I was really looking for ward to making Elmo (or whoever the guest of honor is this year) dance the Full Auto Jitterbug again.

From where I stayed in Nashua (the Motel 6 at the Spit Brook Rd. exit) it was about 50 minutes to the range, with a stop at Target along the way. That was driving entirely in NH. Google Maps claimed there was a shorter route that dipped south into MA, but to me it was worth the extra ten minutes to avoid that.

The downsides to staying at that Motel 6 are the lack of a lobby for meeting up, and no obvious restaurants nearby. I ended up getting breakfast at the convenience store about a mile up Spit Brook Rd.

I hope everybody has a good time, and I'm looking forward to pictures. Give 'em heck, soldiers!

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

It is kind of up to my son and his girlfriend as to where we will stay. If they can afford Holiday Inn, then I will stay there because I can pay with points. If not, I guess it will be Motel 6. I have reservations for both right now - the Motel 6 South and the Holiday Inn at 9 Northeastern Blvd both in Nashua.

I would prefer Holiday Inn in Nashua because they either have an Irish pub onsite or nearby (yummy). While I have stayed at Holiday Inn Manchester airport before and it was very nice, this year they are asking almost double the points of what Nashua wants. Otherwise I would stay there again.

This year though, it looks almost certain that we will stay in Nashua either way at Holiday Inn or Motel 6. That is unless someone else has a killer of a deal elsewhere. Of course, if we stay at Holiday In in Nashua - we could do a meet-up at their Irish pub or in heir lobby and what would it matter if you were staying there or not.

Oh yeah, the super sekrit location is 25.7 miles (50 minutes as per Google), from the Holiday Inn on a route completely inside of NH. About 5 to 10 minutes shorter if you go through MA.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wally said...

Dave H - bummer on not being able to make it !

Wally said...

Oh I think we'd prefer lodging in Nashua, regardless of where dinner is (we're traveling through Manch towards Nash, so no biggie)

Mopar said...

OK, I went back and checked last year's posts. It looks like we stayed at Extended Stay America in Nashua with Bubblehead Les and Wandering Neurons. Nice big suites, reasonable prices. I would be ok with there again.

Nancy R. said...

You can put me down as a "most likely". Although after four new tires and a refrigerator in 3 weeks, I won't be buying any new pistols to bring with me.

doubletrouble said...

Elmo is still sticking his arm out of the stump.

doubletrouble said...

It's a little creepy.

Glenn B said...

For the right price, I could make Elmo disappear, as in nevermore ;>)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Think I can do all the ammo but the .303, but not a lot. I'm staying down the road a half mile away from last year, so wherever we eat Friday night is fine with me, but if you're not getting into Town until 7, does that mean an 8PM Start Time? Sounds like we need to hit a National Chain place. NOT IT! I picked last year. So, jay, since it looks like we are eating on your Schedule, pick something that has a Steak and I'm Golden. KC's on Saturday sounds like it now a "TRADITION! TRADITION!" (Cue Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack).

Also, I MIGHT, repeat MIGHT have another Friend some of you have met along. Depends on his Army Reserve Schedule.

Mopar said...

Where you at this year, Les? Feel free to email me or Jay if you don't want to post it.

Wally said...

Okay guys we need some definites on where we're meeting for dinner Friday night.

So.... Dennys at 8PM ? Or someone suggest someplace better!

TOTWTYTR said...

You can put me down as a likely. We're getting back from our southern vacation sojourn on the 31st and assuming I'm unpacked and have recovered, I'll be there.