Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pre-Bloggershoot Dinner Plans and Other Miscellany...

Handful of disjointed thoughts/ideas/comments pertaining to this coming weekend.

First off, Mopar was kind enough to create a Facebook group for our motley crew (thanks Mopar!) If you're on FB and not in the group, ask to join and we'll add you (it's closed, for quasi-obvious reasons).

Second, dinner Friday night. We're having trouble deciding between the Peddlar's Daughter and Martha's Exchange in Nashua. Both are about 3.5 miles from the hotel where a good number of us will be staying and both come highly recommended, so here's the scope:

Be in the lobby of the Extended Stay America at 7:45 PM on Friday, August 1st. We'll gather as a group, decide where we'd like to go, then call and see if they can accommodate our group. That gives us a more precise headcount, and we can adjust if needed.

Third, targets. I've got literally one large detergent jug to bring this year, and don't have the space for much more. If someone can bring 2L bottles or milk jugs filled with water for reactive targets that would be great. Other fun suggestions are old soda cans, crappy books, and old cookware (pots/pans, no glass or ceramic, please). We also need a sacrificial bayonet charge victim, too...

Lastly, dinner Saturday night. KC's Ribshack in Manchester. Please comment below if you are coming to the dinner (I've had a couple folks express interest in dinner even though they can't make the shoot). If I can get a headcount by Friday I'll call and make a reservation.

REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone again!

That is all.


Glenn B said...


I forgot to get back to you on the Peddler's Daughter. I tried contacting them twice now and they have not gotten back to me. Just tried again via their contact form online.


Glenn B said...

Also, there will be three of us for dinner both Friday and Saturday night.

Glenn B

Mopar said...

Cher and I both friday and saturday. Cant wait!

doubletrouble said...

Dunno on Friday, but Saturday is pretty sure for the bote of us.

libertyman said...

Jeez, I have been misspelling Peddler's Daughter all this time.

Either Martha's or Peddler's is fine with me.

Jay G said...


Like I said, meet us in the lobby at 7:45. We'll figure it out then.


Was kinda figuring that. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys - I missed you last month!


In either case, we'll see you bright and early Saturday morning. I'm aiming to get there on the earlier side in case there's any last minute set up to help with.


See you Friday night!

Yankeefried said...

Two for Saturday.

Bubblehead Les. said...

TWO for BOTH Nights and the Shoot!

With .50 BMG! ; )

Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, there's a Wally World on the way to the Sooper Sekrit Range. We can get Pre-Loaded Water Jugs from there.

Anonymous said...

watermelons are fun too. just sayin'... :-)
mrs. doubletrouble

Nancy R. said...

We went to the thrift store and have two sacrificial bayonet targets and and some pots and pans.

Anonymous said...

Your closer than I thought. Full auto is music to my ears.