Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm Very Truly Sorry...

Joseph in IL sent this story in. You have been warned...

Popping stalled truck's hood yields scaly surprise
When a woman's pickup stalled on a street in Santa Fe, New Mexico, local chef Jackson Ault stopped to lend a hand.

Ault and the driver both ended up with a surprise Thursday when Ault popped the hood and found a brown and yellow python slithering across the engine block.
I think, in the grand scheme of things that would result in "Jay running around and screaming like a little girl," finding a damn 20-pound python under the hood of the Earthf**ker would be right up near the top of the list. I mean, I guess it's logical - one of the critters that like to make their homes in car motors are mice, which are nice, tasty snake chow when you get right down to it.

Why do I hear Samuel L. Jackson right now (NSFW):

I do have to wonder, though: Was the cause of the stalling the ... [this is the part I'm sorry about] ... serpentine belt?

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


In the spirit of "Snakes" I highly suggest you get a copy of beloved children's book "Go The F*ck To Sleep" as narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. You will not be f*cking disappointed.

Anonymous said...

had that happen on my dad's car.I walked into the garage,heard a hissing sound...got on my knees to look under it,a 8 foot bullsnake!

bluesun said...

In a strange coincidence, last night I watched the mythbusters where they both a)cooked dinner in the engine compartment of a car and b)tasted all sorts of weird meats (including rattlesnake) to see if they really did taste like chicken.