Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Everything - But Especially This Post - Is Awesome

OMG. I *HOWLED* at this. It may have something to do with having seen "The Lego Movie" about five times in the past 2-3 weeks...

Lego Representations of the 50 States
My favorite has to be Delaware — it reminds me of my favorite line from Wayne’s World: “We’re in…Delaware.” :lol: Which do you like the best? Do you think your state is accurately portrayed?
My favorite, natch, is Texas:

How can you not like a giant Caddy convertible with monster truck tires and horns?

Here's their representation of Massachusetts:

Yeah, see, they kinda missed out on the whole overbearing nanny state telling you what to do.

Which state is your favorite?

That is all.


Dave H said...

I got a laugh out of the New Mexico one. The Ohio one left me scratching my head. One of the commenters said she thought it was because Ohio is usually a swing state in elections. Not the first thing I think of when I think of Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Illinois didn't have a single politician in handcuffs.

You do realize that I have that damn stuck in my head now, Jay.

I'll git you for that. And yer little damn dog, too.


I'll have to listen to the Batman song after that.

Joseph from IL

Cargosquid said...

Virginia made me laugh out loud.

Vile slander against the Navy!

I hate that song.

Anonymous said...

They were going to do 'DC' too, but no one could figure out how to render, in LEGO, Obama stuffing cubic cash, freedom, and the country's future down a black hole of deceit.

Glenn B said...

They got NY 100% correct. Liberty has gone fishing without a thought for the rest of us (and may never return) in NY.

Ed said...

I notice that in the Louisiana Mardi Gras diorama that it is difficult to lift your shirt when you cannot bend at the elbows.