Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do A Good Deed Daily

#1 Blogdaughter sends in a story of Scouts that have done more than their share of a good deed...

Utah Boy Scouts help lift SUV off woman at scene of deadly crash
A group of Utah Boy Scouts heading to camp helped lift an overturned SUV off a woman who later died of her injuries.

Maria Sandoval, 60, died after the crash that happened Wednesday morning in southern Utah's Juab County, Utah Highway Patrol officials said. The male driver was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition, and two girls, ages 11 and 16, were also taken to the hospital.
Well done, lads. Well done. It's a shame the woman couldn't be saved, but not from lack of trying. Those Scouts did everything they could to save her life; it sounds like her injuries were just too severe to recover. Two young girls were saved from the crash and are expected to recover. While obviously unfortunate that the woman could not be saved, at least those girls know that someone tried. That someone cared enough to risk their own safety to help someone else.

What is surprising is that a responding emergency worker would put him or herself out on a limb like that. Imagine how horribly wrong that could have gotten. Imagine if one of those boys had gotten hurt while helping. The potential for a huge lawsuit against whatever municipality that responded would have been sky-high.

It's a good thing not everyone's more concerned with CYA than with helping others.

That is all.

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B said...

emergency workers have "qualified immunity" like cops, so no worries there.

But yeah, it took balls, nonethelss.