Monday, July 21, 2014

Can't Stop Laughing...

Nope, I'm sorry. I tried working up even faux indignation over this, and I just can't do it. Mainly because I can't stop laughing long enough. Watch and enjoy:

Dude, you just got your ass kicked by a 79-year old man. I don't care how "edgy" you think you are with your conspiracy theories and whatnot, but in the "having the common sense G-d gave gravel" department, ya came up short. Pitifully short. To Buzz Aldrin, sir, I salute you, yet again, for your service to this country as well as punching that idiot right in his snot locker.

Even if we accept the premise that the moon landing was faked (which I don't, more on that in a moment), Buzz Aldrin was a jet fighter pilot in the beginning, and flew missions in F86 Sabre Jets in Korea. The man saw about the hairiest form of fighter combat there is--earning the Distinguished Flying Cross, mind you--and this imbecile just called him a coward. I would say this dude is dumber than dogshit, but I don't want to offend dogshit.

And let's dispense with this idiotic notion that the moon landing was faked. You're talking about one of the greatest achievements in world history, happening at a time of incredible tension between two superpowers engaged in the space race. In your fevered little mind, the US faked the moon landing so that we could be first, and then...

...Kept it secret for the past 45 years? Really? The same government that can't find its own ass with both hands and a bloodhound perpetuated the biggest hoax in world history? They claim to have landed on the moon, with hundreds if not thousands involved, and in all of the past 45 years NO ONE involved in the program has stepped forward? With the Soviets breathing down our necks the whole time?

Whatever they've got you on, cut the dose, man.

That is all.


Angus McThag said...

As with so many things... The Soviet Union is the best proof that we landed on the moon.

They didn't ever deny we had.

Anonymous said...

This is not a recent event.

Bart Sibrel, a whackadoodle moon landing hoaxer, has a track record of claiming to have worked for Rocketdyne (which made engines for the Saturn V) and claiming that we never went to the moon. He pokes Apollo astronauts in the chest with a Bible and demands that they swear that the landings happened.

He also has a track record of lying to astronauts to get them to show up. Using fake names. etc.

This shot to the puss happened in 2002. Now, Buzz here had been lied to concerning the meeting that he is walking out of. Typical Sibrel ambush. He was with his granddaughter. Now Sibrel is half Buzz's age, has almost a foot of height on him and 100 pounds of weight.

Buzz lands a bea-u-t-ful punch to the puss of Sibrel and knocks him to the ground. He was not proud of the event, but Sibrel was threatening him and would not let him pass.

Several skeptics and astronomers called it one small punch for a man, one giant leap for good taste.

Sibrel is an ass. He had this coming.

Joseph in IL

Anonymous said...

Correction. Sibrel is a videographer. Kaysing is the ex-Rocketdyne employee.

Much more sciency stuff and debunking of Sibrel and others like him at the link below.

Joseph in IL

dustydog said...

The shielding on the spacecraft on display at the Air and Space Museum in DC is not thick enough to stop the ionizing radiation outside Earth's outer atmosphere. The moon is well outside that protective layer.

Since the moon landings, no one has even claimed to have gone that far and survived. Forget the logistics of landing on the moon and returning - there are no modern data showing that humans can survive the radiation on the way to the moon.

The economy of the US is exponentially greater than it was in the 70s, not to mention the oil-rich muslim nations. If the technology were available, surely some Persian gulf country would have gone back. A reasonable conclusion is that the technology isn't available at any price. If the US reached the moon, we've kept the how-to secret since then. So much for the 'no one could keep a secret' theory.

Either the US developed secret technology to block ionizing radiation, that has never leaked, and the Smithsonian vehicles are fake, or the moon landing was fake.

The independent photographs show the area, and disturbed dust, but none of the equipment left behind.

A reasonable conclusion is that the US sent something that reached the moon, but not live humans.

There should be records - every contract, everything the contractors did, every scientific breakthrough. NASA's claim that they destroyed most of the records because they were lazy government workers is plausible, but that leaves open cover up as an equally plausible alternative.

Anonymous said...

What radiation are you talking about here?

The ionizing radiation only exists in the Van Allen belts and are passed through quite quickly. Both American and Soviet test flights with biological cargoes (US with humans) have passed through these belts and have been recovered successfully.

And major solar flare activity is the only real radiation threat. Something that the flight would have extended warning of them. The radiation load for the entire flight was at the most half of the yearly radiation dosage for therapy. About 1/240th of a lethal dose.

The independant photographs don't have the resolution strength to pick up most of the items left behid as they were less than 3 meters wide.

The economy is a bad argument as the COST of the materials has also increased as well as the amount of stuff the government wastes money on. The how to has been published for years. No one else could afford the trips. They were considered extravagant back then as well.

Your what if's provide no compelling evidence that there was a large scale coverup involving hundreds of thousands of people (when 10 guys couldn't keep a break in quiet). It repeats the claims of Ralph Rene who merely spouted off things with no evidence.

We went to the moon.

Joseph in IL

Sendarius said...

My wife and I met Jim Lovell at Cape Canaveral in 1995, 25 years after that little drama aboard Apollo 13.

Nobody who heard the loss in his voice when he spoke of missing out on landing on the moon would EVER doubt that the landings happened, or that Mr Lovell fully expected to be the fifth man to set foot on the lunar surface.

dustydog said...

Gamma radiation is ionizing. Don't Rosie O'Donnell on us. Let me dumb it down for you:
1) if you put boiling soup into a high quality vacuum-sealed thermos, does it stay hot, or does it freeze? Right, stays hot.
2) is the vacuum of a space a really efficient vacuum? Why, yes it is.
3) On a really hot day with zero humidity, why can I still fry eggs on a piece of sheet metal? Right, solar radiation.
4) The Earth's magentic field generates the Van Allen belt, which protects us. Outside the Van Allen belt, radiation is higher. Outside the atmosphere, the radiation is higher. That means hotter, not colder.
5) You're claiming that people, wrapped in a thin layer of aluminum, in a relatively small structure, getting the full blast of sunlight, in a vacuum with no way to dissipate heat, will stay comfortable and compatible with life. That might be true, but neither you nor NASA have ever ponied up reasonable evidence showing its true.

Geodkyt said...

Holy crap, Dustydog.

(Believe it or not, the following is the short version):

Not only did we utterly lack the technology necessary to fake the Moon landings (seriously, maybe we could have faked the footage in 1990 or 1995 -- sure as Hell couldn't have pulled it off in 1969 -- or 1968 when the faking would have had to begin), but even assuming that NASA had time travel to magically bring the highly advanced, and far superior to the stuff the hoax claimer insist we didn't have for the mission computing resources back to do the fake, there is literally no way they could have hid the fakery from the Soviets.

For one, the Soviets were able to track the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon and back by RDF, gain analysis, and even radar skin paints at certain parts, and they definately knew the telemetry they recorded came from the where NASA claimed the ship was at any given moment, and the surface broadcasts definitvely came from the Moon. And these were unencrypted transmissions -- my Dad listened to them on his personal radio while in Vietnam.

Here's one major problem that kills any claim of hoaxes, before you even get to highly technical stuff:

Problems during the mission would have precluded simply sending a drone with a recording pretending to be astronauts.

Yet, the speed of light would have precluded having ground side transmissions relayed through this hypothetical drone.

The only way to get Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin's voices making transmissions during the mission was to have them actually on the spacecraft, and have that spacecraft actually go to the Moon and back.

Frankly, sending them to the Moon was feasible -- that just took money, balls, and thrust. (Keep in mind they were already prepared for complete mission failure, with three dead astronauts at any phase of the mission, and martyrdom speeches prepared for those points.)

Plus, we did leave something behind that the Soviets verified by bouncing lasers off of --

You see, the robots needed to set these up not only would have weighed more than the astronauts and their life support would have, but would have required fully automous on board computers at a level that NASA has only been able to build in the last ten years or so. . . for damned sure, it wasn't a Waldo unit - again, the Soviets would have noticed the 2-way data link necessary (Hell, anyone with a sensitive radio in teh right bandwidth - which would have been shortwave - could have head the signals, even if they couldn't figure out what they were. . . and anyone with a directional antenna would have realized they could only have come from the Moon).

Given that Apollo 11 landed in an area that was different than planned, the position of those reflectors had to be adjusted, validated, and verified, based on conditions on the ground. The Mars rover Curiosity had teh capability of doing that -- but it was only launched in 2011, and represented the height of the available autonomous technology a mere three years ago. For damned sure Spirit and Opportunity (launched 2003) didn't have the capability. . .

And, of course, the mechanical side of the hypothetical "Apollo Robot" would have difficulties -- we've learned a lot from the Moon mission and subsequent space programs on really adverse operations that we simply did not know before the Apoloo missions.

FAKING the Moon landing not only required that NASA have 99% of the technology to do a successful Moon landing mission, but that they also have additional magical technology that simply was not avialable at the time.

Cargosquid said...

Proof that the moon landing COULD NOT have been faked.

Good video

Anonymous said...


I mispoke about ionizing radiation. However, radiation is not a singular thing. Some radiation is turned away by skin. Some by thin layers of metal. Some require huge amounts of lead.

Your assumption that the astronauts would not be sent up without 100% protection against gamma rays is incorrect. Also your assumption that the high energy radiation is always there is incorrect. Nor is exposure to it immediately or even necessarily fatal.

As the astronauts were equiped with dosameters and those readings were collected during and after the flight, the data that I am pulling from

Bailey, J. Vernon, "Radiation Protection and Instrumentation",
in Biomedical Results of Apollo, Johnson Space Center.

Clearly list dosages well below fatal levels or any level that would likely cause later cancers.

As for heat, you are assuming a convective heat which does not occur in the vacuum of space. It is all radiative heat. Since the spacecraft was white in color, it reflected far more than it absorbed. This kept the heat problem to a manageable level.

Do you have any links or evidence besides your assertations that it is impossible? Sources for your claims?

Joseph in IL

notDilbert said...


We can't fix your public school Science Education ( or lack there of ), but ask anyone over the age ~60. We all watched it live, from Sputnik to the Shuttle, and many of worked in the space program at one point or another. Landing on the moon was the culmination of 10 years of effort, that's an awful lot to fake.

...... and at the risk of adding another argument to your list.

Not only did we ".....go to the moon and back by the end of the decade..." as promised. we did it with computers 10,000 times LESS powerful than the one in your iPhone.

dustydog said...

Logical fallacy - straw man. Near Earth orbit isn't the same as reaching the Moon.

Six moon landings, from 1969 to 1972. You are claiming that the Nixon Administration was so honest with the American people, that they wouldn't lie about something important to winning the Cold War?

It is reasonable to say that Carter stopped the moon program because he was Carter, but it is equally reasonable (without any evidence) to conclude that he just didn't want to continue a lie.

Your beliefs are religious, based on faith in things unproven. The moon landings might be real, but there isn't evidence.

Anonymous said...


No evidence?

Moon regolith doesn't convince you? Multiple amateur radio operators listening in and their testimony doesn't convince you?
The video record and lunar surface journal (pictures) don't show you various bits of evidence?

What would convince you that your position is wrong? Can it be?

Again, I ask you for the source for your claims about radiation and heat. I have provided mine.

At this point you are arguing from incredulity. Your argument suffers from subverted support.

Joseph from IL

Ed said...

Buzz was just trying to launch that guy's head to infinity and beyond.

Some (but not me) would say that the hoax continues....

Anonymous said...

Wow, just f'ing wow! The things you learn on this blog Jay.

Not a bad punch for a Jr. Birdman. Well don sir!