Friday, July 18, 2014

10-Second Seventh Annual Northeast Bloggershoot Update

The Virginia contingent will be staying at the Extended Stay America in Nashua, NH:

Extended Stay America
Nashua - Manchester
2000 Southwood Dr.
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 577-9900

From Mopar's glowing review, plus it only being 26 miles from the Sooper Seekrit range (and you can get there easily without going through MA), it sounded like a slam-dunk.

Let's get a head count as to who will be staying here (or nearby, or doesn't mind driving out to meet us for dinner), and then find a restaurant for dinner at 8.

Two weeks from, heck, RIGHT NOW!!!

That is all.


Glenn B said...

Well, the Long Island contingent will remain at Holiday Inn in Nashua about 6 miles from your hotel. I would not mind being in a the same hotel as the rest of us, but since I am pretty much broke, my getting to use points at Holiday Inn makes it pretty much mandatory for us to stay there. We will gladly meet up for dinner with you guys, in fact we are looking forward to that.

Old NFO said...

I wish I could... sigh... Shoot a mag for me will ya?

Glenn B said...

I'll shoot a few in your honor.

Glenn B said...

Hey Jay,

I was just looking at pub style restaurants in Nashua. The first one I checked is about midway between our hotels, a little closer to yours. Looks to have a nice menu of food and drinks. Reasonable prices from the look of it. I tried calling to find out if they take reservations for up to 25-30 people but no one answered, so I left a voice mail and hope they will get back to me. Heaven only knows if I will remember to call again, hopefully they will return my call.

The place is The Peddler's Daughter, website: There are two locations, the one in Nashua is at 48 main Street, (603) 821-7535.

All the best,
Glenn B

Jay G said...

I've heard good things about the Peddler's Daughter, actually. If you can secure a table for a largish group, I'd be game...

Brad_in_MA said...

Fellas ... you might also want to consider Martha's Exchange. Better food and it's a microbrewery.

Bräuista said...

Mopar and Brauista booked at Extended Stay. :)

Mopa said...

Barring nightmare traffic, we'll be there for Friday dinner.

Brad, does Martha's still have a (loud) band on Friday nights?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Fireside Inn and Suites, just down the road from the Extended Stay, by the Exit Ramps, Friday and Saturday. Since I plan on taking the Toll Roads, MAYBE I can show up on time this year. And still possibly two. Depends on what happens down at the Pentagon for my Buddy. LONG STORY, explain at the range.

Wandering Neurons said...

My step-son decided to get married in Cali the same weekend. Wife won't let me slide out of the trip. Drat, drat, and triple-drat!
So have a great time. Like OldNFO, I'll miss the adventures.

Brad_in_MA said...

Hi all . .

This may be a bit long so please bear with me.

Is there anyone coming who's interested in sharing in the cost of some .50 BMG ammo? I'm not particularly interested in buying a whole box as I doubt I'd ever shoot all ten rounds. I'm really interested in sending one or two rounds down range so I can check "shooting the mighty .50 BMG" off my bucket list.
You can reach me by email --> bradr65 (at) gmail (dot) com or get my cell number from Jay.


Mopa -- I just checked Martha's web page and didn't see anything about live music.

Didn't see anything on their facebook page either.

That said, their beers are quite good, year after year.


For those staying near downtown Nashua, NH (aka Main Street), more or less across the street from Martha's Exchange is a super little café with good coffee and SINFULLY DECADENT Greek pastries. I know the owner -- she's a small package but full of spirit. Go have Saturday morning breakfast at Jajabelle's. I doubt you'll be disappointed. If Jessica is behind the counter, tell her that "Brad from Home Depot" sent you. You can't miss Jessica, she's about 5' tall with long-ish dark hair and a big smile.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

- Brad

libertyman said...

Brad, I plan on bringing some .50 BMG. Happy to share.

Brigid said...

Sounds like a good time. You all have fun!

Glenn B said...

I will look into a reservation at Peddler's Daughter. How many do you expect and which night - Friday Aug 1 or Saturday Aug 2nd.

Brad_in_MA said...


Thank you. You're a true Patriot and an all around good egg.

- Brad

Mopar said...

I'm usually very generous with ammo, but the 50bmg is expensive to feed and even a box of 10rnds can run upwards of $50 or more in a gun shop. I mentioned to Jay this weekend that I'm going to try and pick up a little extra for people who only want to buy a round or two.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm definitely on for dinner.

I'll get back to you on the shooty bits!