Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Usually They Have A Hard Time Getting *In*...

Shaking my head here, boss, at the story Joseph in IL sent in...

Thoughts, Freud? Vagina sculpture traps US student
An American exchange student who got stuck in a giant vagina sculpture was freed by firefighters in southwestern Germany.

Tuebingen fire service official Markus Mozer said Monday that the young man slipped as he tried to climb into the stone sculpture to pose for a photo.
I'm going to go ahead and predict that bier was involved here... I mean, I'd sure as hell hate to think that he got himself stuck--to the point he needed extrication--without some form of social lubricant, you know what I mean?

See, kids? It starts off simple enough. "Bet you can't fit through there, Guenther." "You first, Uter." "I know, let's get the American exchange student drunk and see if he's dumb enough to try it. I'll buy you a Toblerone if he is!"

In closing,

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I'm reminded of the giant vagina from the movie Patch Adams. The giant vijayjay was used as the entrance for a Gynecological convention.

- B

Ed said...

There was a link to a photo embedded in the comments:


Does that make his presence "performance art" or "installation art"?