Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reason #54,217 I'm Glad I Left...

I'm glad to see the state of Massachusetts has done nothing to stem the absolute hemorrhage of taxpayer dollars since I fled...

Trucks Getting Police Escorts To Winthrop Beach
It is 10:30 in the morning and police from multiple departments are shutting down Bell Circle in Revere. It is not a motorcade for a visiting dignitary but rather dozens and dozens of huge trucks filled with sand.

The trucks are being escorted from Saugus through Revere and eventually onto narrow Winthrop roads where they dump tons of sand on Winthrop beach. It is all part of $21.5 million project to rebuild a mile and half of beach which has been decimated by decades of winter storms. But viewers want to know why so many police cruisers are needed.
$2.6 million just for the police details. Not for the sand being used as fill. Not for the trucks to haul the sand. Not for the truck drivers driving the trucks that haul the sand. But $2.6 million to pay for a police escort - lights and sirens and all - to escort dump trucks to dump sand onto a beach. The project itself is $21 million. That means the police detail alone is more than a tenth of the cost.

Now, several things jump out immediately. First off, watching the video, why the bloody hell do the cruisers have lights and sirens going? I would have understood if if the trucks were running a red light, but just driving along? Secondly, look at the video in the linked story. There's a section at the end of the video where you see the 18-wheelers turning onto a road. A deserted road. They need $2.6 million for a police detail for that?

And lastly, they're friggin' dumping sand on a beach to help stave off erosion from, and I quote, "decades of winter storms." Why the bloody hell didn't they do this project three months ago before the start of beach weather and traffic??? If there's one thing I know, it's that a beach town in New England is deeeeeserted all but June, July, and August. Why the hell not dump the sand in late March?

Or would that not have bought as much support as $2.6 million in police overtime will buy in the upcoming elections?

That is all.


Comrade Misfit said...

I once worked at a small factory in Boston (out near Dedham). Every two weeks, a tanker truck of material would come and its contents would be pumped into a holding tank.

That took 45 minutes. The company would post a worker out by the truck to direct any traffic. Not that there hardly was any, for the factory wasn't on a busy street.

That went on for years. Until the Boston PD found out. Seems that in MA, there is a law that only off-duty cops can be traffic flaggers. The minimum detail time is four hours. And if the job finishes early, the cop goes and you still pay him for four hours.

Fucking racket.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, Sand Dumping takes place every year in Virginia Beach, and I NEVER saw a Cop car escorting a Truck the whole time I was Stationed there.

Ted said...

I'm guessing the Contractor wants to be able to have the trucks back at the end of the Job each night.

The police escorts are there to protect the trucks as they drive through Lynn and Revere.

Anonymous said...

They aren't protecting from winter storms or erosion. they are replacing what erosion has already taken away.

Most places do this with a barge and a big hose off shore. Much more efficient way to dump a boatload of sand onto a shore.