Friday, June 13, 2014

Political Correctness Means SHUT THE HELL UP, HATER.

A blogger who shall remain nameless (but has moved on to bigger and better things...) sent this in.

Billboard With University’s Fight Song Covered Up After Words Called Sexist
The University of Missouri recently covered up a large sports advertisement that paid homage to its fight song after a progressive female Democrat politician complained it was sexist and condoned a culture of violence against women.

Earlier this month, the school displayed a large trailer with the message “Every True Son Goes to Mizzou” plastered on its side, along with its tiger mascot and the message: “For Tickets Call 1-800-Cat-Paws.”
Of course, this message is sexist - according to the Perpetually Offended. But it gets better. Not only is this message sexist, but it contributes to the "culture of violence against women" like the loonie at UCSB. According to this one state senator loon who has a penchant for making outrageous statements to get press time. Hence why I refuse to name her.

If anything, I would argue, it's BS like that that helped set the stage for what happened at UCSB. It's the attempt at cradle-to-grave coddling, the concept that everyone should live their lives completely insulated from anything resembling failure, that it is the job of the government to make everything "fair", as though that were even possible. When everyone gets a trophy just for showing up, what happens when you eventually don't get a trophy?

So they covered the billboard, and changed the song, and in the end kicked the problem down the road a few years. At some point, there's going to be a price for all this kowtowing and whatnot, when people finally get sick of the tiptoeing around the Perpetually Offended and the pendulum swings the other way. It won't be pretty, or good, but it certainly shouldn't be unexpected.

And then the Perpetually Offended will have a whole new level of things to be offended about...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

As a Mizzou grad, I had a total red-cloud-of-blood moment when I saw this article yesterday.

Jeez, the gutless SOBs might as well change the name of the mascot from Tigers to "pussies."


--Wes S.

Kevin Creighton said...

Hey, I'm still blogging, I'm just getting PAID to do it now.

PJS said...

Only when people stop accommodating the loonies can things begin to shift.

Old NFO said...

PJS is right, when we start telling them to shove it, things will start changing... Otherwise they'll PC us to death.